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This blog is about a few things, but mainly about how a mom of 7 (5 living and 2 in heaven) is getting back to the simpler pleasures of life…so I suppose a Mommy and Woman Blog lol.   I will post the journey of how I get us back to when things where a bit simpler AND healthier!   So you will see some DIY projects and a lot will be kid friendly!  You will see recipes under Unstoppable Mommy Chef (I may mess something up but I keep going hence I try to be Unstoppable) and you’ll even see some posts on how I am starting my journey of learning how to Prep, which also encourages the simpler things in life.  While I don’t think the end of the world is coming soon, I am fascinated by all of the skills and ideas and I do however think a natural disaster is more likely.  So a lot of the valuable lessons should be learned anyways.  I even plan on going traveling soon and to review places we go as a family!  That part is super exciting to me!  There is also one cause close to my heart which is Miscarriage and Infant Loss.  You will see posts about this too.

Mainly this will be a blog about how I am connecting, listening, sharing, loving, teaching, listening and so much more with you, other beautiful Souls!

As always, I would love to hear from you what you would love to see or read about.  Email me and we will Chat!

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