Welcome to My Jungle!


When starting a blog, you think, “Man…..I need this to be great.  Eye-catching.  Accurate punctuation.  lol.  …..Can I even use a Lol….should I?”

Then you realize this is YOUR space.  And I’ll totally get it wrong sometimes.  But oh….how wonderful it’ll be when I get it right!

So coming up with a title, I spent a few days tinkering on it.  Then asked my boyfriend at the time.   He came up with the perfect one in a few seconds and on the first try!  Welcome to the Jungle.   Welcome to MY Jungle was my twist on it.


You may ask why I call my life that.   Well, I am the mom of 7 beautiful children (5 are with me and 2 are in heaven) .   That alone is a jungle lol!  I call them my minions, so you’ll probably see me refer to any children as minions….usually people get a good chuckle out of it.  People also get a chuckle out of my head counts whenever I go out or over to someone’s home.  One, two, three, four and five…I’m good.

I am a Jewelry Lady on top of that.  I am an independent distributor for Premier Designs Jewelry.  LOVE my job.  I also am a rep for Usborne books!  I recently joined Usborne because I’m very passionate about children enjoying reading because I never enjoyed it as a child due to my Dyslexia.  So for me this is a constant thing that I struggle with even today. Through this company, I know I’m making a difference.  I was a pre-nursing student but now I’m rethinking this aspect…something Holistic I think.  I have submitted my children’s book to a book publisher so I’m waiting to hear back from them!  I’m constantly pulled into fifteen different directions and the one thing that ties it all together is me being a mom and us being a family.  So every day of my life is crazy.   Even while writing this, my five year old is hollering at me that my two year old is being evil and creating more of mess when they are supposed to be cleaning.  I am that mom that sounds like they have Turrets on the phone.  “Why yes Samantha I am….WILL YOU PUT THAT DOWN…totally coming to the….STOP EATING THAT…birthday party next….. OHMYGOSHWHATAREYOUDOINGWITHTHATPERMANENTMARKER….. I’m going to have to call you back.”

But I enjoy it!  I’m a young mom.  Started when I was 19.  Right out of the marriage gate we got pregnant.  I love all of my blessings.  They make life worth living.

Sure like any mom I wish my house was cleaner or my towels all matched or that things could stay pretty for longer than two minutes but there will be time for all of that later in life when it’s quieter and just me.  Right now I love living out loud.   Crazy.  Soaking up life.  Making those memories.   

So Welcome to My Jungle Ladies and Gents!!  This is my Mommy Blog.  I am always open to constructive criticism.  Love to hear any Ideas or Questions you may have or want to see on the blog!   Happy reading!



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4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Jungle!

  • by nicole Gutierrez

    I saw your link in the blog nest fb group. I love your style. I havent started my blpg yet because I wanted everything to be perfect but then I realized there is no perfect, just like in life! I am starting my blog today, Its my blog and I can do what I want ? I am going to subscribe to yours and I wish you the best of luck!

    • by Danielle This is post author

      Hi Nicole! Thank you so much!! Ive put a lot of heart into the blog and really believe that it shows who I am haha! Yes girl, if we wait for things to be perfect, it will never be a good time. So put it out there and waive your freak flag!!! Yes it is our own place where we dont have to explain ourselves. When you launch, send me a link!! ♡♡♡

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