Amish Friendship Bread




The first time I had ever been introduced to Amish Friendship or Sweet Bread, I was 19.  My neighbor, who was 12ish at the time, brought over a big zip lock bag of something that looked like cake batter but smelled like beer.  I remember thinking it was insane to leave a batter out on the counter for days on end. Someone HAD to have gotten sick by now!  lol. But I decided to try the experiment anyways.

What proceeded to follow was ten days of mushing and adding ingredients.  The bread that came at the end was heavenly and surprisingly easy to create!

So the other day as I was reading up on stuff I could make for the prepping aspect of this blog, I thought to myself about how the bread continues to create new bags unless you end the process.  As long as you have a milk source, flour, and sugar, you are good.

Why do they call it Amish bread you may wonder.  Well, the idea behind it is that only the Amish have the recipe.  So if you mess up, you have to wait for another kit to come back around.   I’m here to tell you, an Amish person snitched lol.  You can quite easily look up a few different versions of the recipe.

When you make this, make sure to send recipe instructions (the lady I got this from had a beautiful copy you can print off).   You end up mushing it for the first five days and then add ingredients in on day six.  Then more mushing  (which I will say the kids fought over and quite enjoyed).  Day ten is where you mix in more ingredients,  separate it into bags for your friends and then bake the rest which comes out to two loaves.


If you run out of friends, I’ve been told it freezes well so I froze two for later.

If this is something that you want to make over and over again, I would suggest a prettier container for the process.   Having a bag on the counter can rather be annoying especially since it can attract bugs or make a mess accidentally.  You can do it in a tupper ware or maybe even a glass jar and just swish around.

This bread comes out extremely moist.  I especially love it when you add a bit of sugar and cinnamon to the top and it creates this heavenly crunch (you’ll learn I don’t like strictly mushy things….I have to have contrast so I always try to add crunch to soups and what not).

Now here comes the fun part.  This will be a sweet type of bread so you can add in any type of ingredients you want! We’ve done pumpkin (see photo) and plain.  We also want to try banana.  You can do nuts, chocolate chips, fruit, anything your heart desires!

Here is her recipe that I use  HERE  Make sure you print it off and put it in your cooking binder.  It’s a keeper!  Comment below what you and your minions came up with!

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