Children and Messes…




Move over Romeo and Juliet.  Scoot aside Carrie and Big.  Let that ship sail Kate and Leo…(Oh yes I did).

Children and messes…it’s a tale almost as old as time.  A true love story for the ages…at least in my house it is Lol!  How about you guys?

People never tell you when you are expecting that your life will be 18+ years of mismatched towels and saying things like “What did I just step in!?”

Honestly, I am one who believes that the more children you have, the more mess and clutter you inevitably bring into your domain.  I think it gets better after time and age but yeah.  I’ve made peace with the idea of getting good furniture later in life.

I think sometimes we have to learn to be OK with the clutter and having a life.  I’ve adopted the motto of ‘You came to see me, not my house.  Make an appointment if you expect it to be clean!’




My home is lived in with an occasional “OK, clean that up right now young person”.  And I’m OK with it.  I recently purged before our move in May and MAN did it feel wonderful!

So as a mom of many kids here is how I try to keep up with messes:

-If they do something like a craft or Legos, have them work on a table.  That way when they are done they have to clean it up and it helps keep things somewhat contained.

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-Embrace the plastic bins.  I have two 3- drawer bins that I call, “The Kid’s Art Center”.  Anything crafty goes in there.  Every few months I recycle papers and tidy it up but it overall is great.  For the kid’s toys I have four bins: one barbie, one girl and two boys.  Granted it may not be as sorted as that but if at the end of the day they kept their barbies separate and all the toys off the floor, I’m good.

-Since the kids have a hand in living here and in the creation of said messes, I assign chores.  My oldest is 11 so she is in charge of the kitchen and mowing the lawn sometimes.  The next two under her each get a room like the living room and dining room (easy) and also share litter box and their bathroom duties.  Then the youngest two get to vacuum and pick up random things.  I spread the work out over all of us and it tends to get done. Although they haven’t discovered how working as a team could get them done faster! Haha.  Another day perhaps.

-I’ve come to realize that occasionally it’s OK to be messy (y’all should see my desk!) And that it is far more important to make memories with them in these messes then to sit there looking back and be known as the mom that cleaned all the time.

So dear readers… let’s take the time to make a few messes of our own and realize that life is short.  Our kids want us to be silly and not always on our phones or computers or tablets.  Comment below with some stories of your all time favorite messes.  I can’t wait to read them!


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