*We* deserve it!




I deserve it.

Right now, you are in one of two categories by your opinion of the above statement.  Category One:  You disagree and believe that things should be earned, not given just because we say we deserve it.   Or Category two:  You agree with it and believe that we have put up with enough of life and should get what we want…well just because.

For the record, I believe we should earn the things we deserve.   We do the work and we get rewarded for what we put into everything in life.  I’m a firm believer in this.  You want to have a great weekend doing whatever you want?  Give 110% during the week!

But luckily this post isn’t about all that per se.  I’m here to tell you that as Mothers (be it Stay at home moms (sahm) or part time workers, or full time workers) we all deserve it.  Let me say that again. We ALL deserve it!

It.  What is “it” you may ask.  I believe that we all deserve “Me time”.    Time to pee alone.  Time to recharge those ever-draining batteries.  Time to take a breather and try to make that headache go away before we go back out and clean up the mess off the wall for the third time this week.  Time to yourself on a walk, grounding in nature. Breathing. 

You know how I recharge my batteries?  I eat a yummy snack (mine is ice cream or cake!) and watch a show on Hulu or Netflix.  I have a few favorites.  Once upon a time, How to get away with Murder, Game of Thrones, and yes even the trashy guilty pleasure Bachelor to name a few. (don’t judge me haha)




Another way I have me time is grabbing one of my pretty mugs (I have several that do not match but only a few that I love to stare at, goal is to get some more pretty ones!) and just look at it while sipping my morning decaf.  We all have our morning rituals and I believe that we should have something to smile about in the morning that gets us going on the right foot.  Then ending the day on the right foot despite all the feet in between.  So I start mine with a pretty mug that I can smile at.  Then I end my day with a show after the kids are in bed and I can actually hear the dialogue!

We as mothers are constantly told to put everyone before ourselves.  Put your kids because you bore them and gave up the club and selfishness when they popped out of you (which I TOTALLY agree with) and your Husband who works hard (again I do agree but I also agree in sharing house responsibilities with your spouse despite them being out of the house during the week).  Even your dog (did you walk sparky today?).

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When is it ME time.  I believe we have a growing epidemic in this society.  Its called “Burnout”.  We go and we go and we go until we have to either have a mental break down or pop a pill of some sort for either sleep deprivation or being overly tired or depression or anxiety or SOMETHING.  Why?  Because we are told we have to be SuperMom or we aren’t good enough!!   Mommy burnout is real and I don’t have to tell you that.  You probably feel it in that little area in between your shoulders and your neck.  I know I do.  Its burning right now!  But I also feel it in my mind.  Did I do A, B and C today?…Nope only got A done, tack B and C onto tomorrow’s list.  Pretty soon we start having double letter tasks AA, BB and so forth.




We need moments to call ours.  Whether it’s a bath with our favorite Posh supplies (if y’all don’t know what posh is click HERE…and no I don’t get paid for that…It’s truly a gift from me to you….AMAZING products!) or sipping from a mug that makes you smile and think about your favorite holiday.   Or sneaking a snickers bar that you hid in that empty broccoli bag in the freezer you genius you!

My point is….DO what you need to do to rest up and get some sanity.  We are told to put others before us.  And I think as women it’s in us usually to do so.  But in order to KEEP DOING THAT everyday of our lives…we will have to put ourselves first.  Occasionally.  Take a day off to go to the doctor and make sure you get your yearly physical.  Go to the Dentist and eye doctor (I’m bad on this one).  Drop the kids off with a friend so you can go shopping at the grocery store by yourself and swap them the next day so she can do the same.  Get something so you can make it through the week.  Through the year.  THROUGH LIFE.

SO I’ll say it again.

I deserve it.

WE deserve it!

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