What happens when you lose power for four days


An interesting thing happens when you lose power for 4 days.  You start to open your eyes.  Like how you depend on the electricity,what use electricity for (usually something like phone or computer or tablet), or how some of us can’t live without Facebook or Hulu or Netflix.

First minute after the lights go off, you all groan. An hour after, you realize that you are still absent mindedly trying to turn on your computer….and won’t turn on. You feel the pain of slowly charging your phone in the  car off of its battery.  By the way, this is a good $10-$15 investment especially since if you’re out and your phone’s dying you have a way to charge it, so totally go out and get one of those.  You could even find cheaper ones like these on amazon.  6 hours after… do you have the candles, matches,and lighters?   It’s getting dark out. 7 hours after… okay it’s mealtime how are we going to cook what are we going to cook?  Should we even open the fridge?   8 hours after…Im tired…let’s quit praying to the power gods and go to bed.

Day two… are you having fun yet?  Kids…get away from the fire.  Do not chase your brother with that stick! It’s a good one and we need it to keep the flame going.  Kids c’mere and eat your ground beef  n beans.  Will y’all quit messing with the candles!!!  Mommy wants to reserve the juice on the cell phone instead of calling 911!

Day 3… okay this is getting old man.

What happens is you get a taste of what survival mode is.  Well more like Survival Lite.  Survival mode is very important. If you are sucking after day one or two chances are after a week it’s going to get dangerous. Sure you can go to a friend’s house but I decided to test us and here is what I learned. You can charge your phone in the car (everyone knows this) as well as charge your tablet.  I did worry about it draining the battery but as long as your battery is good, you should be fine.  You can boil eggs on a grill (my 9 yr old thought of this). It only takes about 2 hours lol but you can do it. You need to get a cheap pot set from Goodwill or yard sale so that way we could cook on that until we can afford a good camping one.  I used some out of my kitchen and they still carry the burn marks.

Another thing that I learned just how crucial it is to teach your children how to work as a team. Nothing really gets under your skin more than not being able to shower or not having a good, nice hot cup of coffee and hearing your children fight about what stick goes where.  Your patience is thin and you need to be able to keep your wits about you after a while.  We were detoxed of technology and it was….GREAT.


So run drills. Try to have a drill weekend which my kids are already looking forward to.  One in summer and one in winter.  There are several ideas you can try and implement the ones that are good.  My nine year old wants to try cinnamon rolls on the grill again.

So even if you are in an area where you don’t lose power often…you do want to be  prepared and know what to do and have a plan.

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