6 Halloween Bucket Crafts



One of my favorite Halloween memories as a kid was getting the pumpkin out of the storage closet and smelling it. Oh my Gosh. If we could bottle that smell!!

Now as an adult, I still do it a few times a year but mainly I complain about how the pumpkins are everywhere because, you know, I have 5 kids.  This equates to 5 pumpkins, 3 buckets from McDonald’s Happy Meals and a few stolen pillow cases.  


So I started thinking and here are some cute ideas to get the pumpkins out of your way and put to use.  If you don’t have any, Walmart usually carries them for a dollar or you can probably find some cheaper at thrift stores or yard sales.  I recently found one for .47 cents at Goodwill a few weeks before Halloween so I snagged that.  So here is my list!  Tell me what you think!  


Flower Tower

Found From Kelly Elko

This is one of my top picks because I already have the teeter totter planter in my front yard.  I love putting Million Bells into it and watching them flow on down!



Sprayed Flower Pot

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found From Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons 

These are super pretty and fall like!  I think the color goes great with the Red Mums.



Cement Planter

Found From Home Designs 99

Another one I did not think of but yet again Brilliant!  And super tough!  hahha You could even put an indentation under it for a Key holder or maybe in the back that is up against the wall.


Pumpkin Light

Found From Imgur 

This one I had never thought to even try!  Lol People can be so  creative!



Mini Pumpkins

Found From Up To Date Interiors 

Aren’t these just darling?  You could do any color really but the copper really gives them a solid feel..almost like you could walk up and *ting* them with your fingernails!


THIS is my Favorite!!  Pumpkin Makeover with Burlap


Found From Bread Booze Bacon 

I know what you are thinking….and YES that is totally a plastic pumpkin in there!  She goes through the steps and how to’s.  AMAZING!  I will be doing this for my craft next year.

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