Top 5 Get “it” for Free Parties to help stretch the Holiday Budget


Now if you’re on Facebook, I know you may be bombarded with party invites because I am.

Here’s the thing.  If we all supported even just one to two businesses consistently ( a few Parties a year or a few orders a year)  think about how we could boost the small businesses and how the economy would change!  It’s the American Dream to be able to stay at home and work while watching our children play and laugh.  Why not make it so your friends can do that?  Usually, they can also support you as well or party swap!

In line with the small Christmas (We’ve all seen them:  one want, one need, one wear and one read) posts/photos that have been going around, here is My Top 5 List.

Each of these companies have been chosen for their Amazing Products, Fantastic Sales Rep friends of mine  and Hostess Perks.  Two of which yes I am a consultant for but I was a customer first so I stand behind them 100%.  I not only know the quality of the product, I also know the ins and out of the company and I could not work for anything less than wonderful.  

**Notice that with certain businesses if you tell them I sent you, you get a special offer!  I do not receive a cut or anything.   This is me simply loving on my friends and the companies and trying to help out!  We simply are doing this to keep track of traffic and give yall a little extra something 😉

-Premier Designs Jewelry.  Did you know that jewelry is the number one gift given during the holidays? So you can’t go wrong.  Not only does the jewelry last and is of great quality but there’s also something called a Golden Guarantee which means the company stands behind their product a lot longer than other companies.  Hostess benefits range from 20% free from a  Facebook party (or catalog show) – 30% free from a Style Session + gift cards and usually a perk of the month as well.  Qualifying parties are $100 and all you have to provide is a little bit of snacks and couch space or messaging a few people on Facebook for the Facebook parties and Pay tax & shipping.  They have a flat rate shipping of $4.  You are offered half priced items as well.  We do fundraisers as well!  Up to 50% donated!  I’ve been with this company for 3 yrs and they are just wonderful!  **Message me with your order and get a special goodie from me!**




– Usborne books.  I love this company because I’ve been a customer for over 2 years now.  I’ve gotten numerous books for free and they are such great quality.  Lavish Illustrations, completely educational for the kids with engaging content.  A lot of times, kids don’t even know they are learning because they love the books so much!  High grade bindings and a 50% replacement policy.  Who offers a replacement policy on a damaged book?  Usborne books and more does!   Qualifying party is $100.  Facebook parties are usually an hour and you can also have a Home Show.   You are asked to message your friends to see if they want to go versus just inviting them but the leg work is well worth it because usually that leads to sales and more serious ladies. Usually a Hostess perk of the month,  great titles and books! They have a sewing kit, build your dollhouse, and even a book about poop!  Haha.  There are sticker books and adult coloring books as well!  You do pay shipping and tax on the order.  You are offered discounted books on top of your free ones.  They do a Card fundraiser as well and donate 40% to the organization! **Message me with your order and get a special goodie!**


Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!



-Posh.  This company would be the only other company that I would actually work for with direct sales.  The quality of the products are so delish!  All of their products sell for under $25.   Usually each product lasts about 3 months.   You do get Hostess perks for the parties; they are online as well as home shows.  They have amazing smells,  natural products, no parabens.   Very good if you have sensitive skin.  The company even has perks if you buy, hold a party and if it’s your birthday as well.  This rep is my personal friend who started out as a customer!  She spent over an hour making sure I was buying what i needed from Posh!  She’s wonderful.



-Younique.   I’m not huge on makeup but I LOVE doing my eyes!  Younique has some wonderful products.   I especially love their Mascara that helps your eyes look like they have thicker lashes.  With Younique, a little goes a long way!   The Eye Shadow Palettes and splurge creams definitely show this to be true!  They are highly pigmented, which allows you to use less product which makes these last longer. Their products are naturally based as well!  **Let Kali know that I sent you and you will receive a Free Gift as a thank you!**  Check out her website at




-LuLaRoe.   This new Fashion Craze has been hitting facebook and women are IN LOVE!!  If you have a home party the rewards are $25 then 10% of the party total. Online, its 10% of the party total. The company has several different kinds of collections that are named after family members which I think is a cute touch! They have pieces that double as other pieces such as the Azure skirt. It can be worn as a skirt, shirt or scarf! The material is made out of Polyester and Spandex…which a close friend said made them like butter lol! Super soft and very comfortable. Once a pattern is designed, they only make about 3-5,000 (can be of shirts, dresses, or leggings) and then its not made again. SO that is sure to make you unique! To join my reps group just search LuLaRoe Mary Beth Roberson or click here. She shows styles, fashion tips, home tips and even giveaways! She has even added on a leggings of the month and Birthday club! **Tell Mary Beth that Danielle sent you to get a special surprise!!**




SO next time before clicking Not going….shop local and see what all you can get for free while helping out a friend!!

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