Seeing Rite into Her Jungle


So tonight my children got to see an amazing lesson.

I try to be as nice as possible to whomever I cross paths with. Because you never know how their day has been. ESPECIALLY in sales or customer service.  It is just who I am.  I have even been told I’m so nice I must be faking.  I can be a royally mean person.  We all can be.  But I choose to be the nicest possible.  Calling up a company because they sent me the wrong thing? Be nice. You be nice, you stand out and they will want to be nice back. You will make their day.

We were in the Rite Aid drive through but this story begins a bit before that. I’m not feelin well.  I think the beginning of bronchitis or something.  There was this guy who was sitting at the light to turn into Rite Aid.  He is on his phone.  Not paying attention. The light turns green and I give him a few seconds then honk and see his head lift up.  He runs the yellow while I have to sit at the red for the next light.

So then I pull up behind him after patiently waiting for light but a little miffed.    He was on his phone not paying attention again.  I can hear a girl giggling on speaker phone.  He starts fussing at the lady directing the drive through.  Turned on his car and started reversing and I honked at him. My car was off so it was going to take me a second to turn the car on and reverse it so honking was faster.  But he started yelling at her again about how it wasn’t him who honked, it was me and when I pulled up after he sped off, I saw she had like 10 people  in line all staring at her. She asked my name and I said you go ahead and handle them. I dont have anywhere to go, I’ll wait. So she helped all of them and then came back.




They had my script for 24 hrs and hadn’t filled it yet so I pulled back around to let the car behind me go first and then got to the window again and she was nervous getting my stuff. I suppose waiting for me to yell as well. But I greeted her and smiled and she got it all squared away and I thanked her and she said Miss Danielle…You are always so sweet to me (I’ve been with her one or two times before) and she said she appreciated it and it was always a pleasure working with me. I told her the same and wished her a good night and to stay sane with the busy time. Pulling away, I told my kids that was why it was important to ALWAYS be nice to someone. I could have hooped and hollered. But I didn’t.  What exactly would have been the point? To make her go home in tears even more versus filling up her cup some? If we all took the time to make someones’ day…we could get SO much done in the world. So I got to teach my kids that this is why mom is so nice to everyone. Because it’s who I am and people just sometimes need someone to say “Hey it’s ok…Take a breather. You got this.”

We should teach our children how to act and how to appreciate and be kind to those who are not only in the service industry but everyone.

As well…it should be all year long. Not just during the holiday season.  Let’s raise a generation of kind people.

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