My Famous Pineapple Upside Down Cake



With the Holidays around, one of my favorite go to recipes is my familys’ Pineapple Upside Down cake.  Actually, anyone who knows me can tell you that I bake this ALL THE TIME for special events and such throughout the whole year.  I grew up on this cake.  It was the first thing I learned how to make and it was the first thing I thought my kids how to make.

This cake is SO simple that is very hard to mess up.  It is usually one of the first things to be eaten at the occasion.  I made two one year for the girls’ teacher appreciation luncheon and all the kids’ teachers (we have a lot having 5 kids hahah!) told me that those were the first to be eaten and gone!  One time, I kid you not, I baked one for a neighbor and she brought an empty plate back about two to three hours later.   I looked at the plate and then her mournful face and I asked if she had dropped was ok I had a second one she could have!  And she stopped me and said that that was not it…

She ATE the whole thing!!  lol Was the funniest thing.  Well anyways THIS is sure to be a crowd pleaser and super easy Saturday thing to whip up with the kids!


So here are the ingredients you need:

~One box of yellow cake mix *

~The eggs and oil that the Cake mix calls for

~Maraschino cherries**

~Pineapple Slices in JUICE

~ Lite Brown Sugar


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*They do make a pineapple one now but I just do the yellow because I didn’t taste a difference to tell the truth; Yes you can even do a scratch recipe if you’d like I just like the cake mix because I’m usually rushing to get it done

** Pitted and preferably cut in half but you can do that yourself if you can’t find them.  Just make sure to wash your hands after because it stains


So you follow the box directions on how to bake the cake.  You can have a minion mix up the ingredients while you are doing it.  **HERE is something I do with the cake mix however!!!   Instead of adding the water it calls for, I just use the Pineapple Juice from the can which is slightly more than a cup which is perfect!!  Also probably why I can’t taste a difference between the batters!  The cool thing about this recipe is it makes TWO CAKES!

So in the two cake pans you Pack a layer of brown sugar, thick enough that you cannot see the bottom of the pan but not TOO thick because then the excess will stick.  Don’t worry if it happens to do that, it’s not the end of the world, just scrape it off with a knife while it’s still warm and put it back on the cake no biggie.  For those who MUST have measurements…I’d say about half a cup to 3/4 of a cup not packed and just dump it into the pan and you spread it out and pack it down then.

Now you get the Pineapple that you already opened, measured and drained and handed to a minion to mix (*Another key point, for the eggs, they always want to crack them.  So I let them into another bowl so that way I can pick out the shell if there is any in there) and you put a whole circle piece of pineapple in the middle of both pans in the center as much as possible.   NOW…if you lay it down pick it up quickly or move it quickly if you are off because once you set it down it starts to soak up that sugar and it’ll move it around.  Once you got both whole pieces in the pans, take a knife and cut them in half in the can (two slits) and start making the pattern of the sun!  Some people just put them whole all the way around.  Do whatever floats your boat.   My mom taught me this way, I love it because it looks like a pretty sun to me.  Then add the cherries after they are cut or are already cut.  I put the flat side down so they don’t move.

Pour in the cake mix evenly into both pans and bake like a normal cake. Once you take it out…let it cool for like a minute or two.  Take a knife and scrape around the rim of the pan freeing the cake.  You will put a plate on the top of the pan, make sure you have your oven mitts on because the pans should still be hot, and flip it.  This lands it onto the plate as the photo shows!  If for some reason, some of the fruit or big batch of sugar is on the pan still just scrape it off and put it where it needs to go!  My mom would butter the pans but I have not found a need for that.

Well there you have it!  Something SUPER simple and super yummy!!  Enjoy!!

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