28 Top Hand Made Christmas Cards (you could even do with the kids!)



I’ve been looking forward to this post for a few months now!  One of my favorite activities with the kids is Holiday Crafts.  There is something nostalgic about it and I love Christmas cards!!  So why not combine the two!

Now that my “Elf” moment is over!  I can’t tell you how many times I said “Aww”, “Oh!” or “HOW CUTE”  while making this list!  SO I hope you enjoy it as well!

1.  Angry Birds

Found From Stamp in Connection 

This is the Year of the Angry Bird!  My three year old goes ape over this stuff!  Shhhh he’s getting the movie for Christmas!  But isn’t this cute???   The link does lead you to the site and you have to have a login so do know that.  I dont have one so I can’t link you right to how to make this but I think its still pretty straight forward to wing…*see what I did there 😉


2.  Candy Cane

Found From Inspiration Ink  

I think this one is my favorite Cane card.  It looks super simple to make and I can’t wait to try it!


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3.  Tangled Up Moose

Found From Miss Pinks Craft Spot 

THIS moose is where it’s at!!  How Adorable is he??  You could even change up some of the pieces hanging in his antlers to whatever you would like.  SO cute!!


4.  Simple Wreath

Found From Sweet and Lovely Crafts 

This wreath card is super sweet and very simple and elegant.  I Love it!  Could be a very simple one to do with a smaller child.


5.  Santa’s Hat 

Found From  Hands On As We Grow

This one is one is super simple. Its glue and salt for the white parts.  I would personally do it on a deep hunter green or something like that but I think this came out so sweet!


6.  Silver Christmas Tree

Found From Stay At Home Life 

This is also another favorite!  How pretty are these?  I’m so in love.


6.  Musical Snowmen

Found From Real Life In Pictures

I think these are some of my favorite Snowmen!  I LOVE the musical notes and each has such personality!  If I did ones with my kids they would all be different!  Yes these are ornaments or decorations but they could easily be made into a card!  <3  A girlfriend of mine said it would be even cuter if the music was a Christmas Song like Frosty the Snowman!  She’s Brilliant!


7.  Simple Button Snowman

Found From Etsy

This little guy is super easy and simple!  Sometimes we don’t need to be flashy even though it can be fun!  I love how the button holes are the eyes!


8.  Adorable Personalized Reindeer 

Found From Gemma Garner

I can see my daughter doing these and giving them so much personality!  I showed her this and we are planning on doing this one this weekend!!


9.  Penguins

Found From I Stamped That

Penguins make everything cuter.  I swear.


10.  Water Globe 

Found From Mayholicraft 

This magical card is so fun!  You could do anything really in there!  Santa and presents!  Trees and snow!  Anything!


11.  Punch Art Santa

Found From Do Stamping

Ok so technically this one isn’t a card but He was too adorable to pass by!  You could add him to a solid black card or even the Snow Globe one!  I love the layered feel of him!


12.  Painted Hand Santa 

Found From Hodge Podge Craft 

This card is super simple and you could do them in a weekend in November to get them all done before December to mail out!


13.  Simple Snowman

Found From Etsy

This cutie was found on Etsy.  How adorable!!  You could even take these faces and mix it up a bit!


14.  Simple Rudolph

Found From Pinterest

Another simple one for you simple and classy ladies!  There’s nothing wrong with going with simple!  Especially if you have say 50+ cards to do hahah!


15.  Trees and Snow

Found From La Classe Della Maestra Valentina 

These are a super easy card for a group of kids to do.  I think I would do the trees a bit differently to match my personality and that’s where you could let your kids creativity come alive!  Then take the q-tips and dip dot the snow all around!  Advanced kids could even do more detailed snowflakes!  You could put an animal in the snow with some tracks!  The possibilities are endless!


16.  Kissing Reindeer 

Found From Fun Handprint Art 

This one is a sure crowd pleaser!!  I think I may just make one and throw it on the wall with all of my other cards from over the years!!


17.  Watercolor Cards 


Found From About

These are super great because of two things.   1:  You can use a simple white crayon and have this look and 2:  Its watercolor…..Its almost full proof!  haha  You could do the Green with the Tree or the Holly in the photo.  You could do a snowman and snow with some blue.  Santa with some red.  And it won’t cost a ton!  You most likely have most  of these things at home!


18.  Ornamental Reindeer 

Found From Etsy

This one is from Etsy and is sold out but HOW CUTE is it?  I want to make a few for my wall.


19.  Hand Print Christmas Tree

Found From Pedia Staff

Another sweet and playful Hand print craft to do with the kids.   They may need a bit of help with this one if they are younger but its super cute!


20.  Bleeding Tissue Trees and Snow

Found From Bloglovin’

Another super simple one and such a pretty result!


21.  Fingerprint Reindeer 

Found From Babble

If you follow the link on this one it, I wasn’t able to find these but it’s so simplistic you probably won’t need instructions.  Some of the other crafts are super cute on the site so do go check those out!  But i made this one a few years back and I love it!  It was such a hit!


22. Strand of Lights

Found From Crafty Morning

This list wouldn’t be complete without the strand of lights!   These are always so cute to me!  I’ve seen people write words and then do the lights.


23.  Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees 

Found From Crafty Morning

This lady is so crafty she made the list twice!  These are another one that you may need to help the kids with by bending them but they can glue them on.


24.  Snazzy Button Snowman

Found From Deedee Campbell

Yes another Button Snowman. But this card was soooo snazzy that I loved it and decided to put it on for the ladies who wanted to jazz up the previous snowman card.


25.  Holly Rusted Metal Batman!

Found From Batmania

That pun was too much fun hahah!  This Batman Card totally completes my list!  Even the hubby will get in on the action!


26.  Watercolor Tree


Found From Branch Studio 

I love a beautiful watercolor!  I wish I could paint like that!  It’s on the bucket list!  When you go look at this one, She has 12 days of Christmas cards on the side…OMGOSH Yall they are just STUNNING!!


27.  Hand Christmas Tree

Found From Blitsy

For those of us who don’t have paint or simply don’t want to deal with all the mess, I found this easy one.   Sure it’s a mess of a different kind, but it’s still super cute and you can tailor it to meet your style with the “ornaments”.


BONUS:  “Shake Your Flakes”

Found From Bloglovin’

Ok, ok you got me!  Not technically a Card but I’ll be surprised if this one didn’t make you at least grin a lil!  This lady is on the list a second time with her Chalk Board list but this one could easily be made into a card that would tickle your readers!



WELL there ya have it folks!  My Handmade Top Picks!  I hope you had fun looking through this almost as much as I had fun making it!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!








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