23 Beautiful Cakes that your guests will love at your Holiday Parties!


As hostesses, we all dream about the perfect party.  Whether it be large or small, we want it to flow and the atmosphere to be perfect!  It all falls down to the cake most of the time.  Here is a list of some of the prettiest Holiday Cakes on Pinterest this year!!  They are so pretty it would almost be a crime to cut into them!  There is a bonus at the end of the post if you don’t have time to do a cake (or lack the skills like me haha!) but MUST have a gorgeous and simple center piece!


  1.   Waterglobe Cake 

Found From Taste of Home

This one is so cute!!   It also allows you to be creative and create whatever inside scene you want!


2. Eiffel Tower scene in Winter 

Found From Haniela’s 

This was so pretty to me!   You could make a few of these for a small party!


3.  Wreath Cupcakes 

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Found From Pillsbury Baking

These are super cute! The kids could even help with these!


4.  Christmas Ball Cupcakes

Found From Pinterest

Now before you go clicking looking for a recipe….Any that I clicked on on pinterest lead me either to a false site or just to an image.  So you may have to search around on how to get these gorgeous hues.   But if you can pull these off they are sure to be a winner at your party!


5.  Gingerbread Village Cake 

Found From Wilton

I’m loving this even though I’m not a very big Gingerbread fan.   There is a recipe floating around that is a gingerbread cake so you could do a uniform theme.


6.  Holly Cupcakes

Found From Welke

How darling are these?  Super Clean and just beautiful!


7.  Holly Cake

Found From Family Holiday 

This one made the list because simply I’ve never seen the leaves done this way before!  How beautiful is it!  I wish I could pull this off!


8.  Christmas Holly Wreath Cake 

Found From Family Holiday

This one is probably one of my favorites on the list.  It’s elegant and beautiful yet simple and classic.


9.  Gingerbread Christmas Candy Land

Found From Cake Central 

This is a super playful cake!  Soooo cute!


10.  Ornament Cake 

Found From Cakes

This cake is very simple looking and cute!  The site lists all the steps with photos.


11.  Snowflake Cascade Cake 


Found From Cake Central

Ok so technically this is a wedding cake hahah!  But I thought it was so pretty it could be for a holiday party right?  lol


12.  Yule Log Cake 

Found From Mon Petit Four 

THIS one was an awesome find!!  How great is this cake?  Just beautiful and stunning!


13.  Snowman Cake 

Found From Tortentantes 

Ok so this little guy is adorable!  The site is in a different language but well worth the translating on another site!  SO cute!


14.  Snowflake and Ornament Cake

Found From Available Ideas

This cake is gorgeous!  A beautiful center piece!


15.  Chocolate Raspberry Cake 

Found From Mon Petit Four 

This lady has SUCH beautiful work that she is listed twice on this list! (She did the Yule log on number 12).  I’m so bookmarking her site!


16.  Holly Leaf Gift Box Cake

Found From The Cake Girls

This cake is super pretty and sweet!  I would even try maybe alternating the white leaves with some green ones here and there.  GORgeous!


17.  Tiered Snowman

Found From My Cake School

To make a whole cake a snowman is very simplistic and totally cute!  This would be a perfect cake to start off with!


18.  Snowman Head

Found From The Bake More

This little guy is cute!  You could make the hat different colors and it wouldn’t be much effort at all!  This one seems like one I could pull off as a first cake hah!


19.  Candy Cane Forest Cake

Found From Country Living 

SUPER simple and yet very elegant!


20.  Santa Hat Cupcakes

Found From Midget Momma

These are super cute and simple!  Could be something the kids help you out with if they are a little bit older!  Even a class party would love these!


21.  Wreath Cupcake Cake

Found From The WHOot

This cake is very simple being cupcakes and you can even decorate it however you want with little Christmas Themed Pieces!


22.  Mixed Berry Vanilla Bean Cream Tarts 

Found From PaleOMG

These remind me of an almost Jane Austen Time.   Tea and holiday tarts.   I think I very well may try these this year as well!  I’m just noticing the flowers and someone would possibly think it’s not very christmasy but I’m sure you could take the daisy off and leave it as such and it would be just as breathtaking!


23.  Snowmen Sledding 

Found From My Cake School

How festive and playful is this one?  Snowmen sledding?  Pretty awesome!


BONUS: If you’re not a baker or are running out of time but want a BEAUTIFUL center piece, I recommend this beauty right here!  Red roses are classic and beautiful around this time of year especially!

Found on Pinterest

The original link isn’t available anymore but it is very easy to recreate and is just BEAUTIFUL.


SO there you have it folks!  All of these cakes are pretty great and I think would be absolute hits with your parties!  If you are running out of time and want a simple cake that has always been a hit with my crowds, try my Pineapple Upside Down Cake here.  It’s always the first thing to go at parties!  I hope all your parties are hits and feel free to share photos of your cakes!  Let me know how they work out!



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