The Moms of Boys Anthem


There is a saying that girls are easier than boys…until puberty.  I was very spoiled.  I had my girls first.  Three in a row, all 15 months apart in age. Then a few years later I had my first boy and another few later another.  MAN.  Some days the boys kick my butt.  And the days that they don’t, the pubescent girls make up more than enough for all of them.

I don’t know about it being harder per se.  But different it definitely is! Boys play differently, think differently. ..even love differently sometimes.  They have a fascination with their penises, which I’m sorry to say never goes away.  lol.

I was asked by a friend to write some pieces that gave advice.  I’m not sure how well I can give advice on being a mom to boys as my oldest boy is five…but here goes.

  1. Duct tape.  This will be your friend.  You can tape them to just about anything while you drink your morning coffee.  To the wall, to their bed during nap time, or even to the toilet during potty training.  Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.
  2. Boys (and even girls for that matter but my boys are worse)  love to give us art.  Murals on couches, lamps, toys and even their favorite. ..the wall.  My son made a HUGE three foot mural on his sisters wall in the time it took to start a phone call a few weeks ago.  Beautiful Magenta and Turquoise crayon.  Then on a different wall a different day did baby blue permanent marker.   IDK why we have a baby blue permanent marker…don’t ask questions, lets focus.  I’ve been asking the boyfriend to help me paint and cover it up before the landlord sees it.  At this point, I might as well get an empty frame and just hammer that sucker in and make the best of it.  Instant Art!
  3. They LOVE to take everything apart and try to put it back together again.  My ex would take apart the DVD player and try to put it together before his mom got home.  To this day she has no idea lol.  Scary huh.  With my luck, I’ll walk in to a half disassembled washer machine.
  4. They love to go on adventures.  It’s a rainy day and they have to play inside.  There is a big Mountain called La Entertainment Center that needs climbing!  Or if they can go outside they have to go traveling.  My friend has special latches to keep her boys inside.  I know a boy that’s literally ended up neighborhoods away from his house one morning.  So don’t be surprised if you get a call from Montana at 730 and your kid is due at school in an hour…and you live on the east coast. Road Trip!!
  5. Everything. ..and I mean EVERYTHING is a weapon or can become a weapon.  My five year old was slapping my three year old with a banana peel.  Yes you read that right.  A banana peel.  Like a whip.  And then I had to tell him to stop kicking his brother’s butt with a peel.  Check that off the bucket list!


All joking aside, it is our jobs to create strong, compassionate,  thoughtful gentlemen that we want our daughter to bring home one day.  And no one said it would be easy.  But it can be done.

We can nurture that creative and inquisitive side while teaching them that it’s ok to show emotions and be open enough to constructive criticism in order to continue to grow everyday in life.  To be a gentleman and hold doors open for ladies.  To not start a fight but to finish it if needs be.  To defend a ladies honor and to protect women and children.  Whatever your definition of a great man and human being is.

Frankly this is something to apply to all of our kids.  To teach our girls to not be dramatic and to build each other up. To teach our boys to be men.  To teach them both to have class.

So to all of you Moms of boys…..Here’s to you!  I honestly have no idea how moms with more than two boys do it.  I’m sure I could if I had to lol.  With lots of support and wine.  So go grab that glass of wine you awesome Super mom you!  Toast to your long life with great health and ample messes but a home FULL of love!

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