Christmas Break Crafts!


Kids are out!  It’s Christmas!  This post may be a little late but hey they all have off another week!  Why not make some cute stuff to help decorate the house next year!


1.  Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer 

Found From Pinterest

THIS gem.  I don’t think I could tell you exactly how much I love this.  And yes.  When I become a grandma this will be my first Grandma craft with my grandkids.  


2.   Tealight Snowmen 

Found From One Little Project 

This is a super easy and super cute project!!  You can make them to hang down a stair case or doorknobs or above the beds…You can even make a few to give to teachers when the kids go back to school!


3.  Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney craft 

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found From Crafty Morning

HOW cute is this??  I saw it and was like YUP I’m putting this into a post! Super simple and adorable to boot!


4.  Snowman Ornament 

Found On Youtube Via Pinterest 

I am so going to Target and getting some super cute socks to do a whole set of these!!


5.  Paper Wreath

Found From Mrs. Jones’s Class 

I did this craft last year with my kids except I used Tissue paper for the green.  They are so pretty and come out so well!  Definitely try this one!


6.  Candy Cane Reindeer 

Found From One Little Project

Cute and super easy!   These would be a hit for your kids to do for their classes or a party!


7.  Graham Cracker House 

Found From WikiHow 

I’m a firm believer in Ginger Bread being an acquired taste.  SO when I saw this I squealed.   NOT only is it cute but SUPER yummy looking!!  Because lets face it…most of those Gingie houses go to waste anyways!  Why not have something everyone can actually look forward to eating.


8.  Wood Snowman Ornament 

Found From Mom on Time Out

This is super adorable!  Everyone loves a good Popsicle project!


9.  Free Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

Found From Teepee Girl 

Coloring has been the new craze lately!  Even adults are on top of it!  How cute are these?


10.  Birdseed Ornaments

Found From Ehow

Whether these are inside or outside I think these are adorable! This is a good time to teach the kids about how to care for all creatures as well! (yes I’m a hippie!)


11.  Christmas Tree Pine Cone

Found From Crafty Morning 

This lady is becoming one of my favorites!  She has such cute yet simple stuff!


12.  Rudolph Glitter Ornament 

Found From Youtube via Pinterest 

Anyone who knows me knows I love me some glitter projects.  I’m such a girl.  This one is so cute and caught my eye.


13.  Stable Ornament

Found From Adventures of a DIY Mom

I thought this one was a sweet ornament.  It also gives you a chance to tell the story as well if you want while creating them.


14.  Ugly Sweater Cakes

Found From Buzzfeed 

This one is going to be fun!  You can do sprinkles and colored icing.  ANYTHING goes!  Check out the link for several ideas!  If these aren’t your taste, check out my Holiday Cakes post here for some other ideas!


15.  Christmas Sugar Cookies

Found From Yummiest Food

These are super easy sugar cookies and you can dip them into icing and let the kids have fun with the sprinkles.   You can do any shape so let them have at it!



Well there you go folks!  A few projects that you might have the stuff just laying around the house and can do!  One more thought came to mind as I was making this list.   You might be able to go through their rooms over the next few days and then donate any toys that will be taking the back seat to all the new stuff that they got!  Kids will probably be more willing to part with some of those toys that they don’t really play with but weren’t ready to give away just yet.  Churches, foster homes, even just on Craigslist could be a blessing to someone with these toys so have at it!  Get the house organized for the new year!  I know I plan on doing it with my kids!!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y’all!!




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