Month: January 2017

Filling up our children’s cups for Valentine’s Day

I ran across the cutest Valentine’s Day project on Facebook the other day.  Read about it here. Essentially, You cut out little hearts and write one thing on each one about your child and tape them to their bedroom door so they wake up to little compliments and have a great start to the day! [Continue]

19 Adorable and Easy Handmade Valentines

It’s that time again!!  Where we all pray we get something from our loved ones or we get Chinese and binge watch Netflix while closing all the blinds and waiting for the day to pass!  Valentine’s Day!  Singles Awareness Day as I love to call it.  SO in spirit of the day I put together [Continue]

How to Start Your Own Blog!

I’ve had several women approach me about the what, why, and how of starting a blog.  Why I decided to.  What it could do for me. And most importantly, HOW it could do it and how they could too! *This post may have affiliate links which means I get paid a fee for referring you [Continue]

The Truth About Being Positive

  Positive Polly.  That’s what the call me. I’m known for always looking at the bright side of life.  And I’ve had my fair shares of “Well this sucks”.  Honestly, I don’t truthfully view myself as someone who is positive all the time.  Those who are closest to me KNOW I have my stuff to [Continue]

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