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Every year, I make a mental list of things I want to get accomplished….forget half of them and then get the other half kinda done.  This year,I wanted to get my life under control.  To start on the path of what I have only been dreaming about for 13 years.

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Every year of my life since I was 18 has been a poor, uphill battle.  And don’t get me wrong …I’ve learned the value of hard work and careful spending.   That I am resourceful and quick on my feet in a jam.  I can figure out how to get some extra money flowing if we had an extra bill that needed to be taken care of.

But I’m tired y’all.  I just want something to come a little easier.  I still will work for it (like this blog).  But I suppose I’m wondering when it will be my family’s turn.  I want to give my kids a better life.  Sure they have food and clothes and a few gifts on most birthdays.  But to be able to take them to the movies or let them go out for a sport or horse riding lessons. To take em out to putt putt.  The everyday normal activities to some are my dreams.

So I decided to make 2017 MY year. THEIR year.  So my goals are as follows.  Some are silly and others are crucial to the success of the rest.  I’d love to see y’all’s lists so email them to me or comment below!

I chose 32 because I will be 32 this year.

1. Make $1,000 a month with my blog. ♡♡♡

2. Learn SEO.

3. Finish The Help by end of January.

4. Read one book a month, for the whole year.  (This is a huge goal especially since I am dyslexic as well as I have not finished 12 chapter books throughout in my whole life. Sad I know. So far the list has Helen Keller in Love, Case for Christ, Life Beyond Measure, Practical Magic, The Mists of Avalon, The Success Principles, and Count of Monte Cristo) (0 out of 12)

5.  Travel to 5 places in North Carolina (where I live) with the kids.  (0 out of 5)

6.  Take a Topsail Island Vacation for at least a weekend with the family.  A week if doable.

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7.  Have Family Game Night once a week. (0 out of 52)

8.  Try one new recipe a month. (0 out of 12)

9.  Collaborate with at least 5 fellow Bloggers. (0 out of 5)

10.  Take the kids to see the new Beauty and the Beast ♡

11.  Be walking at least 30 minutes a day by Dec. 31st.

12.  Have a successful garden during the summer.

13.  Get my children’s book published!

14.  Give away $5000 in FREE books this year!! ($0 out of $5000)

15.   Do 32 acts of kindness. (0 out of 32)

16.  Publish my Miscarriage book and donate ALL the proceeds to a miscarriage help group.

17.  Clean, Organize  and keep my room maintained lol (it’s the last room in the house to get love).

18.  Learn how to fire a gun and get a permit.

19.  Give away $5000 in FREE jewelry this year!!! ( $0 out of $5000)

20.  Get an emergency fund of $1000 together.

21.  Get a decent down payment for a first home together!

22.  Buy first home…eep!!!

23.  Join Twitter.

24.  Finish knitting my scarf!

25.  Read a little of the bible everyday.  (3 out of 365)

26.  Relearn Spanish and introduce the kids to it as well.

27.  Get my anxiety under control.

28.  Do more crafts! ♡

29.  Get my work desk organized and maintain it!

30.  Grow my side hustles

31.  Help the Kids with their lists.

32.  To live everyday like it were my last and to never take it for granted.
Well folks there you have it.  I pray that I have every single one of those goals met!

Can you help me with one? Email me and we will chat!!  Can I help you with a goal?  Let’s help each other and make 2017 a prosperous year!!

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