Uliel’s Noise Reducing Headphones


When this company approached me to do a review of their Noise Reducing Ear Muffs, I had a few thoughts.  My first was, “YAS I’ve always wanted to try a pair!”.  Then my second was, “Woooohoooo I can finally read and write and not hear screaming kids in the background all the time” haha!! My final thought was about the crazy timing!

You see, my blog wasn’t live to most the public.  Sure, it was up, but it was up for a full month due to a program error/accidental button push and no one knew about it besides my computer guy and myself.  I told him just to leave it up, it’d light a motivational fire under my butt to get going on my last few posts.

The crazy part was that the night before, I had prayed to God about just leading me where he wanted this blog to go.  See, I’m a spiritual and religious person.  I’m not crazy religious like some can be.  I’m more spiritual than church going religious.   God and I talk most the day.  I find it helps my anxiety and focus.  But to the ones that don’t believe in God, I also think fate played a key in this per chance meeting.  God or fate…whatever you want to call it…it has been leading me since day one when I happened upon Grace’s blog post on pinterest which will be another story for another day!  😉

I prayed for Him to lead my blog in the direction He wanted it to go and then the next morning I woke up to an email in my box from Uliel’s Baby.  They wanted me to review their Baby Keepsake Kit.  But first I was asked to review their Noise Reducing Earmuffs.  EEEEPPPPP OMGAHHHHHH.  I read the email with such delight.  She said my blog was beautiful, clean and organized and something she felt would be taken seriously.   She knew it would become something big and that meant a lot to this blogger who was just starting out!

She then went on to talk about a partnership and has always been kind and wonderful from that day.

So when I got these ear muffs in the mail I was SUPER stoked!! I could read in silence since my dyslexia makes reading hard enough for me already.  I took these muffs out of the box.  I love how they can squish down to be travel sized!! The kids LOVED THEM!!!  You can adjust how tight or loose you want them.  I can even fit them on my head (however it should be noted that I’m the size of a 12 year old).

My 3 year old loves to walk around wearing them.  My nine year old will even put them on to vacuum lol!!

We have done the blender test (the blender scares my three yr old) and he isn’t scared of it anymore!

I’ve worn these bad boys and let me tell you.  If the rooms noise was at a ten…these reduce it down to a one or two.  maybe a three if the kids are right behind me yelling.  I’m very pleased with this product. They are high quality, lightweight and can be travel size!  I can’t wait for the kids to try them on the Fourth of July!
OH! I almost forgot.   This kid comes with a free baby proofing bonus!! There’s a toilet lid clamp and a few other extras in there which is so great (see above photo).   I gifted those to my boyfriends’ sister who just had a baby.  She will be needing those soon!

Whenever I would see someone with noise reducing muffs, I always assumed they cost a huge chunk of change! BUT these don’t!! They are only $19.95!!!! And the best part is I have a coupon for You!!  Use Welcome2MyJungle when checking out to get the extra off!

Click here to order and let me know how you like them!! I’m very pleased and I think you will be as well!

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