Things to do on a Southern Snow Day!


I live in North Carolina.  I love it here.  I used to live in California when I was in High School and the only thing I really liked about it besides a handful of people (you know who you are haha!) was the weather.   There was no humidity.  But with there was also no rain.  No Green.  No snow.  I hated that.   Loved the warmth and the not trying to die when its above 85 degrees.

So when I could, I moved back east.  First In Tennessee then in North Carolina because I had family here.  MAN when those first thunder storms happened, I was so excited!  When it snowed, I was a KID again!!

Every time we even get a bit of snow, I get excited. I’m that person who prays for it hahah.  I love a good dusting, then I am ok for the rest of the year.  Being a mom, I get to relive the excitement when the kids play in the snow and look forward to a blanket of fluffy whiteness outside.

We were scheduled to get 6-12 inches in one dump.   It was going to be epic!!  Then I realized…man…I’m going to be snowed in with 5 kids!!  That got me to thinking about what I could have them do!  So I made a list for all of us!


  1.  Read a Book.  Being a person who did not grow up with a love for reading (but I’m working on that now), I make sure I have plenty of books in the house!  I even joined a book company just to get free and discounted books to encourage their love!  And it’s working!  So I plan on reading some and having the kids read as well!  Reading is on my goals list which you can read here.
  2. Make snow slush!!  I’ve made it once before and it’s pretty simple.  Click here to learn how to make it!
  3. Card games!  Make up your own game! We have Uno Dare where they have to do dares or something on certain cards…I’ll let you know how that goes haha.
  4. Catch up on your shows while the kids are asleep or doing something together.   I haven’t done this yet as I’ve been working all day (the joys of at home businesses!) but I plan on it haha! With my big bowl of ice cream allllll to myself *evil hand rub*
  5. Organize/clean a few small areas in house.  This goes along with my Goals list as well.  And who knows…maybe you getting your desk clean or the foot of your bed clean will inspire something else!
  6. Finish up crafts that you haven’t completed.  How many of us have that pile of stuff we need to complete. I have photo albums that are years old that I need to finish!  And a scarf to knit.  And Crochet to learn.  and other blog posts to write.  And a basket to paint.  And…
  7. Try a new recipe.  Hey now. Yall are stuck in the house.  Eating comfort food.  Why not try that new recipe you’ve been meaning to?
  8. Learn a new skill.  You know how we are always like MAN I want to learn this….well YOUTUBE IT.  Get on it!  Learn and practice…what else you got goin on?
  9. Write a letter to a family member.  One for the of the kids.  For the Hubby.  Love letter.  Letter of encouragement.  Whatever you want!  A letter to be opened on her 16th bday.  Or her wedding day!
  10. …….Oh what am I saying…

Its the south yall!!  We aint gettin snow!  Just some Sleet or Rain.  Get your umbrella and go run your errands like usual!

4 thoughts on “Things to do on a Southern Snow Day!

  • by Becky

    Those are great ideas! We play board games and read, a lot! Now that my kids are older, they do most of their crafts on snow days or here we just have below zero days when we can’t go outside.

    • by Danielle This is post author

      That’s right because youre up in Alaska hahahah. Thank you about the list! I wish we got more snow like yall! I love seeing your photos! We have scrabble too which we will play

  • by Ric

    Where in California did you live? I can’t imagine moving from this state(California), I’ve thought about Los Angeles or Vegas, but that’s about it, lol.

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