The Truth About Being Positive



Positive Polly.  That’s what the call me.

I’m known for always looking at the bright side of life.  And I’ve had my fair shares of “Well this sucks”.  Honestly, I don’t truthfully view myself as someone who is positive all the time.  Those who are closest to me KNOW I have my stuff to deal with that drags me down.  Like today. It has totally dragged me down and I can’t wait to go to sleep and let it be tomorrow!

But I’ll let you in on a little secret!  *Shhhh…You ready?

 It’s not how you feel about a situation that makes you a Positive Polly versus a Negative Nancy.  It’s how you REACT to it.

And that’s the truth!  For instance.  Ok.  Ummm Someone comes to you and is really down about something.  What do you do?  Sulk in misery with them?   No.  You listen to them.  Genuinely.  Then you remind them, Hey….This isn’t going to last forever you!!  You got this!  It’s just one moment in a life FULL of moments!  Sure I’ve had my down moments and a few sulky moments.  But then I tend to think of something bright in the situation.  Just broke up with your boyfriend?  YAY UNLIMITED GARLIC BREAD ON PASTA NIGHT!!  Bank account in the negative?  Again?  YAY I JUST SUCCEEDED ANOTHER WEEK AT NO SPEND JANUARY!!!  haha.  Seriously!

The key to having a life you want is to focus on the things you got.  I may be broke a lot.  I may have things happen that I really could have lived without!  But at the end of the day what is pouting about it going to do?  We create our own Happiness.  If we are not Happy with something in our lives…Work to change it.

See, I’m a firm believer in working to get something fixed and better in your life.  I’m always asking ok how can I make this better?  I remember when my second daughter was diagnosed as an Autistic.  First of al,l I was a Ignorant 21 year old knowing NOTHING about autism but when I did do the research I was floored.   I was like OMGosh.  How.  Why?  WHY?!?

Here’s what makes me different from a lot of people I’ve noticed and You can get this way too!  I gave myself one day to mope.  One day to be pissed off with genetics, the world, and Yes, a little God.  You name it, I did it.   But then, the next day, her speech therapist came over and I said Kelly…What can we do.  And we came up with a game plan and now if I lined up my children you would not be able to tell which one it was because now shes normal.  Quirky…but Normal.

I fight for things.  I realize things don’t just come because I prayed for it. God helps those who help themselves.   And I needed to be reminded of this today.  I was down due to somethings in my life. And I was like you know what.  I’m not being very Positive Polly about this right now. And that’s OK.  What’s NOT OK is to wallow in that sadness and negativity.

So what are some things that you could do to be more Positive Polly and kick Negative Nancy out the door?  Here are some things I do:

  1.  Every negative situation I find a positive thing.  If I can’t, I pray about it (if you don’t pray, meditate, paint, do YOUR thing) and I KNOW God will get me out of the issue that is going on.  So try to find the positive and I think I have only found a handful of situations to have NO positive at all.  I even found a positive in my Miscarriage.  I may not have found it immediately…But I found it later.
  2. BLAST some Music.  I blast my childhood songs or songs that I love right now.  My childhood songs bring back the nostalgia and I find myself feeling carefree like I did when I was younger.  Music is proven to have an effect on our moods.  Use that to your advantage!
  3.  I tend to do some of my best problem solving thinking when I am doing something I do well and I can kinda do it mindlessly so I can focus.  Like I knit and think.  I fold clothes or clean and think.  I even write and think.  If you paint…do it.  If you draw or craft. then do it and let your mind wander.  Or if it helps, do the opposite and ONLY think about your project and then come back to the issue when you’re done and ready.
  4. Exercise.  It’s like Elle said.  Exercise gives you endorphin’s.  Endorphin’s make you happy!  Happy people just don’t kill their husbands!  So get moving!  If you’re moving, you are more likely to not dwell on what is wrong.  You can help your situation greatly just by a walk!
  5. Try to fix what is causing the problem.  Is the issue that your bank account is always in the negative?  STOP spending and start writing down all your budget!  Is someone in your life just constantly weighing you down?  Drama follows them?  Stop seeing that individual.  Misery LOVES company.  Make 2017 YOUR Misery FREE year!!  If you fix the problem, even slowly, you are doing laps around the person who is just doing it over and over again, doing nothing to fix it.
  6. Give yourself a treat!  Whenever something would go wrong in my life,  Whole Foods has this amazing old school cake that I would get a slice of and just eat over a few days.  I’m in no way, shape, or form telling you to eat your feelings because that will lead to other problems!  But if you’re having a bad day…Order some take out.  Eat that bowl of ice cream!  Take a hot bath!  Go to a movie!  Treat yourself!
  7. Get a plant that you love or some flowers!  Studies have shown something simple like a vase of flowers can lighten the mood!
  8. This is probably the most used option.  Talk to someone.  Your spouse, your best friend, your mom.  But I do suggest to be very careful on who you speak to.  I used to confide in someone and then they would use that information every change they got against me!  Who can you trust you ask?  Usually it’s the ones that rave about your successes!  That are happy when you succeed!  If they aren’t there when you’re up but only when you’re down…there’s a problem!


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SO I guess takeaway is this.  If you start doing something everyday it becomes habit.  Change the way you think.  Change the way you react to something.  JUST DO IT.  You will be happier and healthier!  To be happy IS being healthy!  Your heart and mind and soul will thank you!!    How do you get over a bad situation?  Comment below and tell me all about it!  Then go have a piece of cake.  ONLY ONE!!  haha  Then work out afterwards!

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