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I’ve had several women approach me about the what, why, and how of starting a blog.  Why I decided to.  What it could do for me. And most importantly, HOW it could do it and how they could too!

*This post may have affiliate links which means I get paid a fee for referring you at no extra cost to you.  But don’t worry! It helps support my family and you are helping me with my blogging dreams so thank you!!

In the summer I was looking for online work that would allow me to stay home with my kids but also keep my anxiety at bay.  I have some severe panic attacks and honestly I think they are caused by hormonal imbalances which I’ll be going to the doctor soon for.  But my triggers are anything from loud noises to chaos or fast paced environments to even something like a strong smell.  So I was desperately looking for something online that I could do.  And that would pay more than just pennies on the hour.

This is when the heavens parted and God pointed at a pin on Pinterest and said “Thou Shalt Read This!”.

This was when I was introduced to the fabulous Grace from Chasing Foxes.  I was INSTANTLY inspired!!  She had SO much information in one post that the other pins didn’t!  Read this magical post here.  She just made 19k a month and you can read about that here so it is definitely picking up!!  I’m so excited for her!

After reading it, I found myself SO ready to start!  If she could do it…SO COULD I!!!  And now I am bound and determined to!  This was my why.  I wanted to make thousands of dollars a month staying home and doing things I love.  FOR my family.   FOR my kids.  They are also my why.  What could it do for me….Well honestly because it would allow me to do a reasonable amount of work and be paid an above reasonable amount.  How.  Well by starting right here, where you are now.  And I’m still on this journey, FYI, as is Grace as is every other blogger on the planet.

So I’m going to break down how to get started.  PLEASE feel free to email at any point and ask questions and ask for help if you need it!  If you can’t figure it out, we can together!


      1.  First thing is first.  What will you write about?  Who will your target audience be.  **Understand that these things probably will change.  I think mine is honestly changing as we speak.  But I knew I wanted to speak about Mom life and woman issues and miscarriage and staying home with the kids and going back to the basic parts of life and just crafting because you know who the heck doesn’t love glitter????   So this is something where you don’t have to have it written in stone.  And it probably will change.  BUT….have an IDEA.
      2. Work.  This part is important.  And I am a SUPER impatient person…Like I did not like this step!  But looking back….I should have done this step.  I launched my site with 12 posts.   You want 25-50.   NOW…There IS a reason why we say this.  Google Adsense (one of the ways bloggers make money) has a Content minimum for you to be approved.  I didn’t get approved until my 21st blog post.  Even then I’m in the final stage of approval and CANNOT wait!!  EEP!  But yes.  You will want 25ish articles and you want them to be about 5-600 works minimum.  This part is also crucial as I looked it up and found out that they do like to have more fluff than photos in the posts.   SO one cool thing that I do when I’m having writers block or even just laying in bed and away from the computer…..*TALK*TO*TEXT.  I wrote four blog posts one time in 10 minutes just talking.   Also!!  Writing a blog post isn’t like writing a college paper.  Just write like you’re having a conversation with someone.  Very easy!  You also want a lot of blog posts because it gives readers something to see.  To see you are a serious blogger.  It’ll help your bounce rate if they stay on your site (the rate at which how quickly they bounce off lol)
      3. Sign up for a Host!  THIS ONE is a biggie.   DO NOT….go with someone like Go daddy or a free hosting site.  For a few reasons.  One…It looks cheap and people won’t take it seriously.  Two…It is nearly Impossible to make money on those sites!!  They don’t allow ads and have weird rules I’ve heard.  So not worth it.  So Sign up through something like Bluehost (I use them).  It’s 3.49 a month.  WELL worth it to make money!  They do bill you for the year at once!  So if you are waiting to have the money to do this, get writing those posts!  But yes, when you can, get this up and going!
      4.  Do a little research and see what site names are out there. Bluehost will help you search for this.  MAKE SURE to get a .com if you can versus a .org or something.   They are visited more.
      5. Through Bluehost you can install WordPress which allows you to write your posts. You can and should pick a theme as well for your page so that way it looks nice and pretty and pleasing to the eye!
      6. Just like Grace mentions in her post,  You will want to sign up for Amazon Affiliates and then Google Adsense.  An affiliate is when you get a percentage from the company for having someone sign up.  It doesn’t cost your readers anything.  It’s usually from the company’s pocket which is nice.  So they either buy something or sign up.   So with Amazon, the way they work is you have a link, if they open that link and order something…anything (doesn’t even have to be the intended item you wanted them to purchase) within 24 hours, you get a percentage.  LOVE this.  Google Adsense is also a big one because they track what we look at everyday. Then you put the code into your blog post and the ad shows up as something that would most likely interest them.  They click on it and you get paid.  They also pay you based off of how many people have seen the ad.  Some other ad companies are only paid per view.   Depends on who you go with.  But Google definitely is a big one.    While you are waiting for approval from Google Adsense, try signing up with Sovrn.  I’m with them currently.   They have lower requirements and make it easier for the little guy (us new bloggers) to sign up and get some ads going!
      7. Create a Pinterest Business Account.  THIS one is HUGE!!  I know several bloggers have made big bucks using pinterest and Boardbooster.   You want to create your pinterest account.  Then what you do is Join Group Boards.  These are boards that have several pinners (you email the owner of the board and ask if you can join their group to pin stuff) and say the group has 50k followers…BOOOM.  You just showed your pin to 50 thousand people.  CRAZY RIGHT???
      8. The next step that I would suggest you do is go to Zoe Linda’s Site and sign up for her cool little Blog Planner.  It’s Free.  You print out what you want and you can start organizing (treat this like a business and you will go far!).  She’s literally been a sort of “mentor” in a loose term along with Grace.   Then I suggest you join her Facebook Blogging Group.  THIS group has taught me so much in the short time I’ve been in it!  MUST DO.  We help each other there.  We ask questions,  We support one another.  It’s an amazing atmosphere she has fostered.  She even has this amazing library of content that we are allowed to go and read and learn. So she has been such a Godsend for me and I’m thankful for her everyday.


Now I will say that I thank God everyday (if you believe in something else then by all means, go in that direction….fate, the stars…whatever lead you to this post!) for sending these two strong, business minded women into my life!  I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!  They have amazing information and have the ability to make you feel like you can take on the WORLD!!  God has been good!   And he will continue to be good when the checks start rolling in and I can travel with my kids and live a debt free life!!

What are you waiting for?  Once you realize you want to start living your life a certain way, you want to get going because you want to be there as soon as possible!  So go get that hosting going and get writing!  It costs less than some of the at home businesses that are out there!  And you can write it off!  So get going you!!

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