19 Adorable and Easy Handmade Valentines


It’s that time again!!  Where we all pray we get something from our loved ones or we get Chinese and binge watch Netflix while closing all the blinds and waiting for the day to pass!  Valentine’s Day!  Singles Awareness Day as I love to call it.  SO in spirit of the day I put together an ADORABLE list of Valentines that are sure to make your kid the classes favorite this year!


  1.  Minion Cards!!

Found From Housing a Forest 

HOW cute are these?  I think one of my kids at least will want to do these!


2.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Found From Housing a Forest 

Even the Boys will want to do a Valentine!


3.  Jack Skeleton

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found From Disney

These are some valentines after my own heart!!  <3


4.  Simple but Sweet Embroidered Heart

Found From Pinterest

This one is actually a really sweet one the kids can do that is super easy!  Then you can write a message inside it.


5.  Polka Dot Valentine

Found From A Thrifty Mom

SUPER Cute…SUPER easy!!  I foresee this being a crowd favorite!


6. Secret Message Hearts

Found From A Thrifty Mom

I’m finding a lot of cute stuff on pinterest from her site!!   This one is fabulous because its easy and simple and it allows the kids to go home and be creative as well.  Use a white crayon and presto done!  Perfect for those last minute families like ours!  lol


7.  Lil Love Monsters

Found From Eighteen25

I made something like these one year and the classes LOVED them!!  Great way to not give candy.


8.  Blow me away

Found From Sisters Suitcase

This is a super cute idea!  Every kid loves bubbles!  You could find these on clearance usually after summer and then stock up for Valentines for extra savings!  But they usually cost a dollar at Walmart.


9.  Just Write

Found From Bits of Everything

Super cute!  You can do pencils or gel pens!


10.  Star Wars

Found From Creative Savings 

THESE are probably some of my favorite ones and if I had ink I would totally print these! They are FREE!!  All you need to get is the milk way candies and you are good!


11.  Birdseed Valentines

Found From Wine and Glue

These are something I would do.  I love the idea!  You can make enough to give out as well!


12.  Love Bugs

Found From Momluck

Cute lil bugs!!  So much fun and encourages being creative!


13.  Your the Balm

Found From Paper Trail Design

Another cute one if you don’t want to give candy!


14.  Ladybug Chocolates

Found From The Keeper of the Cheerios

These are just adorable and super easy to make!  The kids could get these done in a cinch!


15.  Star Wars Light Sabers

Found From The Idea Room

These are cute!!  I love star wars lol


16.  You’re a cutie

Found From It’s Always Autumn

Healthy Option!!   I thought these were so adorable!!


17.  Teachers Valentine:  Tickled Pink Gift

Found From Homes

Super Cute!  Anything pink you can find! Teachers need to be pampered!


18.  Teachers Valentine:  Heart Hippo

Found From Housing a Forest 

This one was too cute!  Seeing that the supplies might be a little costly, that is why I labeled it a Teacher one.  But if you want to do them for the whole class go for it!!  They will be a hit!


19.  Teachers Valentine:  You are the highlight of my day

Found From One Charming Party

This one made me giggle!  SO CUTE and really productive too!

SO there you have it!  Hopefully I have inspired some adorable Valentines!!  Comment below what yall did if you created some!


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