Filling up our children’s cups for Valentine’s Day


I ran across the cutest Valentine’s Day project on Facebook the other day.  Read about it here. Essentially, You cut out little hearts and write one thing on each one about your child and tape them to their bedroom door so they wake up to little compliments and have a great start to the day!

Most of y’all who know me, know that I’m all about filling up people’s cups.  What does this mean exactly? Pour more coffee? Well no lol.  It means filling up someone’s spiritual cup.

Giving them a reason to smile because I find myself saying allllll the time that there’s enough meanness in the world.  Why add to it?

One of the ways I try to do this is by starting with the next generation.   We all know too well about bullies and how as of late, they seem to be running rampant.  I truly believe if we all started acting kinder sooo many of the world’s problems would be solved.  Ok Hippy Moment over heheh.

So this project was right up my alley!  I adore the idea of kids waking up to surprises like this! I save cards from birthdays and Christmas and put them on the walls too during special times ♡

Think about it.  If our spouse taped little notes everywhere, giving us kind compliments, it would make our day right?  So why would it be any different for our minions?

I commandeered all of the red craft paper and spent an episode or two of Friends cutting up all sorts of sizes of hearts.  Even found some cool flame paper and made some for the boys so don’t feel you have to stay in the traditional girly colors (I was saving those for their handmade valentines we have to do).

So after cutting them out, I started to think about all the things I could tell them.  But I also didn’t want to repeat myself too much since I have multiple children!  So below is a list to get you kick started along with some variations:

1.  You are smart, intelligent, brilliant, clever, bright, quick-witted.

2.  You are kind, considerate, thoughtful, sweet, good-hearted, sympathetic,  tender, gallant, gracious, respectful, caring.

3.  You are funny, silly, a goof ball, amusing, humorous, witty, comical, tell a humdinger of a joke.

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4.  You are pretty, beautiful, angelic, look just like so&so, cute, dazzling, stunning, lovely, graceful, cute as a button.

5. You are a good big brother/sister.

6.  You are a good son/daughter.

7.  Compliment a skill.  My daughters sing and draw so I said that You are a artistic and you sing beautifully.  You cook well. You help me fold laundry great!!  Whatever lol you get the point.

8.  You are creative or interesting.

9.  You are awesome! You rock!

10.  You are playful, silly.

11.   You give good hugs.

12.  You are a great friend.

13.  We are lucky to have you!

14.  We love you!

15.  Compliment a Dream they have.  They want to be a Vet one day?  You will save so many pets lives!  It seems silly but it shows that you support their dreams and goals!  You will make the playoffs!

The possibilities are endless.  Just think about your child and some things that they do that leave you feeling happy.

Got this one in the bag?  Check out my Handmade Valentine’s Day Post!  It’s full of ADORABLE Valentine’s Ideas and even some for your teachers!

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