Month: February 2017

6 Smart Things to do with your Tax Return Now

Tomorrow is February 15th.  That means that anyone who had the Earned Income Tax Credit will be able to see when they get their Tax Return!  Myself included.   We all sit here praying we will get ours soon.  Just like Christmas, we eagerly await the morning, pondering all of the things we can accomplish [Continue]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dessert ideas!

Y’all know I love a good compilation Cake post!!  So of course here is Valentine’s Day!  There is something so beautiful about a perfectly iced cake!  These definitely will provide inspiration for you. However, with this post I’ve also included a few ideas for the special dinner as well!  I hope you enjoy them!   [Continue]

Valentine’s Day Cake with Buttercream Frosting Recipe

So I had this GLORIOUS cake all planned out that was going to be for my daughters’ Birthday but also a cute valentines theme so I could show yall the recipe.  Which anyone who knows me know I can’t ice a cake worth a darn!  So that’s why I cheat and go to cupcakes hahaha!! [Continue]

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