Valentine’s Day Cake with Buttercream Frosting Recipe


So I had this GLORIOUS cake all planned out that was going to be for my daughters’ Birthday but also a cute valentines theme so I could show yall the recipe.  Which anyone who knows me know I can’t ice a cake worth a darn!  So that’s why I cheat and go to cupcakes hahaha!!  But that’s the point of pinterest right??  To find stuff and make us think we can do it and then fail and post our fails on facebook!  lol.  That’s my theory anyway!

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But half way through this creation, I realized that it’s not about the end product.  It’s about the journey.  So through my frustrations of icing this beautiful cake I stopped and sat back and looked at the kids and said you know what y’all….what should we do with this?  And they were but all too happy to join in!  So that’s how we ended up with this years’ Valentine’s Day cake.

So we obviously started off with some wrong cake pan sizes but they were all I had hahah!  But click Here to order a heart shaped cake pan!   But I wanted to show you how to get a heart started if you didn’t have one like me.

Ok now we are talking.

So the next thing I did was work on my homemade icing.   I love butter cream versus whipped (Hello I’m Southern!  Butter is in my blood!) so I started working on one.

Buttercream Frosting Recipe 

~1 stick of butter

~1.5 cups of powdered sugar

~Vanilla to taste

~1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream

~Red food dye

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So I have read that in order to have stiffer frosting you use cold butter.   Mine was not nearly as smooth when it was done as I would have liked it to be.  It tasted fabulous but the smoothness just was not there. It was grainy.  So next time I’m going to do a cake, I’ll be trying room temperature butter.  Also, after a bit I was just adding the heavy whipping cream as I went to see the thickness I wanted.  So don’t be afraid to add little by little if you want to make it a little thinner or powdered sugar to make it thicker.  And I had some chocolate store bought for the sides of the cake so we ended up with this….

I wish I had taken a photo of it before we put the face on butttt I did not.  So my bad readers.  lol.  Now one trick I do know (that most probably already know but lets share anyways for the newbies) is to 1.  Not ice the cake while it’s too warm (if you do a butter based icing will start to heat up and separate or break.  If this happens its ok..just give the icing a once over with your knife and put it on a shelf in the fridge for like half an hour).  2.  You should freeze your cake to spare yourself the whole crumbing incident…you know….where you ice the ice and little annoying crumbs start coming off!!  OMGAH so annoying and not pretty.  I did see another trick to make perfectly flat icing:  go over with your knife and then take a paper towel and pat and lightly press it.  Voila!!  I haven’t tried that yet so y’all tell me how that works out for you!

So after we did that…my kids had total free reign and we ended up with the adorably goofy mess you see above.  Granted….It was not this glorious pinterest cake…but I have time for that later. I enjoyed making the memories now…

Needless to say, we enjoyed it 😉

But I did want to mention a friend’s blog called The Improving Cook.  She’s so delightful and sometimes she uses the English lingo which I love.  SO I always love reading her stuff!  She made these yummy looking biscuits that I do want to make with the kids and has several recipes I want to try.  Read about her post here.  But these are her Valentine’s biscuits and I think they are so pretty!

When you are done baking these yummy creations, skip on over to my Valentine’s Day craft for Moms to help improve our kids self-esteem here!  Or get a start on the valentines for the kids classes with some ideas from here!

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