Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dessert ideas!


Y’all know I love a good compilation Cake post!!  So of course here is Valentine’s Day!  There is something so beautiful about a perfectly iced cake!  These definitely will provide inspiration for you.

However, with this post I’ve also included a few ideas for the special dinner as well!  I hope you enjoy them!


1. Creme Brulee Cake

Found from Mon Petit Four 

With this romantic holiday, how could I not include my friend and French Cuisine Cook/ Food Blogger Beeta.  She does such exquisite work!  Look at how stunning that cake is!  And simple to decorate!  <3


2.  Salted Crepe Caramel Cake

Found from Mon Petit Four

Another one of Beeta’s romantic cakes!  <3   This one is so pretty.


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3.  Chocolate Covered Cherry Truffles

Found from Shugary Sweets  

I’m a sucker for those chocolate candies in the boxes with the soft pink or orange stuff in the middle.  Not the tacky stuff but the soft ones so I’m hoping these are like that!


4.  White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Found from Cooking Classy

THIS cheesecake looks beautiful!  She’s so real in her post about making sure you don’t worry about making it perfect as it will never be and even gives you her example about how she messes up sometimes.  So wing it and have fun y’all!  Looks delicious!


5.  Shot Through the Heart Cake Pops


Found from Hello Little Home

HOW cute are these?  And they seem to be super simple to make!


6.  Mini Ombre Cakes

Found from Hello Little Home

Here is the second addition from this blogger.  These are SO darling!  So much so I just might make these!!  OMGOSH! They were too cute to not put on the list!


7.  Sugar Cookie Cake

Found from Julie Blanner

This one is incredibly simple and you can even get the kids on in there to help!


8.  Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Found from Your Cup of Cake

This list would not be complete without a cupcake with a strawberry on top!!  They look heavenly!


9.  Red Velvet Molten Lava Cake

Found from Spache the Spatula

I’m not a big red velvet fan…but I have tons of friends who are so this one is for you!  😉


10.  Chocolate Chip Shortbread Biscuits

Found from The Improving Cook

This sweet lady is also a friend of mine and has some yummy recipes!  These are super easy and just adorable!  The kids could help with this one as well!


11.  Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

Found from Delish

This looks fabulous!! Now I know what you’re thinking….Garlic?  On Valentine’s Day?  But you both will have the garlic breath so you’ll be ok haha!


12.  Filet with Red Wine Sauce, garlic mash, roasted asparagus

Found from Have Her Over for Dinner

This site has a cute concept….It shows guys great meals to teach their ladies!!  HOW awesome is that!


13.  Breakfast for Dinner

Found From Pinterest 

Want to be romantic but not a big cook?  Make pancakes!  And bacon!  Who doesn’t like bacon??  If they don’t, you don’t need that negativity in your life!  😉 I’d be happy with strawberry pancakes (the sprinkles are optional lol)


Well there you have it folks!  I hope I got those wheels crankin!  I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  I’ll be spending it with my kids when they get out of school!

Make sure to get started on those valentines!  Here’s a post to help inspire you! If you are good on valentines then here is another project you can do for that morning!


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