6 Smart Things to do with your Tax Return Now


Tomorrow is February 15th.  That means that anyone who had the Earned Income Tax Credit will be able to see when they get their Tax Return!  Myself included.   We all sit here praying we will get ours soon.  Just like Christmas, we eagerly await the morning, pondering all of the things we can accomplish with our returns.  So I decided to jot down a list to help myself and you precious readers maybe decide a little better what to do.


1.  Pay off some debt:  Now.  I know this is not a fun option to most.   BUT this is a very helpful option.  It’s a chance to sit down and pay something off that’s damaging our credit.   My dream is to own a home. Preferably very soon!  So I have a few debt things hanging over my head that I need to pay off in order to help the Credit Score.  Dave Ramsey teaches us to pay off the small things first and then the more we pay off, the more it snowballs into bigger payments on bigger things because we are not paying off the small things anymore.  So whether or not you pay off something big (which I would say do because when is the next time you’ll get a big chunk of change?)  or something small so it doesn’t hurt as much hahah.  Pay something off.  Your credit will thank you!


2.  Put some away:  We all technically need a savings account that is about 3 months of the monthly budget.  How many of us actually have that?  What if something blew on the car which could easily be a few to several hundred dollars?  We probably don’t have that either! So take this opportunity and put some into savings.   I say minimally a few hundred, 500 if you can swing it.  That is a nice start to cushion an emergency.  Work your way up from there.


3.  Give the family one treat:  Most of the people I know are pay check to paycheck.  It’s just a fact of life for many people.   What’s one thing your family has been dying to do?  For my family, I plan on taking them all out to an unhealthy lunch at Golden Corral and then to see the new Beauty and the Beast.   My mother took me as a child to see the animated movie.   One of very few times she was able to take me to the movies, especially at a young age.  Now, I get to take all of my children to see it.  Something about that symbolism just makes me want to tear up.  So whether it’s a family dinner, the movies or a week long beach vacation…Do it.   Just try to stay within the budget 😉  Get a trampoline if you want…make it something that y’all will use over and over.  Figure it out and make a dream come true!


4. Stock up:  This one falls under my prepping a bit.  Take the time and go get a good stock of toilet paper.  Go get some food.   Find a coupon site and watch the sales for a few weeks and grab a whole years worth of shampoo.  Imagine how you could make your budget stretch if you got a whole years worth of toiletries and tp!!  Amazing right??  We should all have some spare food in the house in case of emergencies.  So be wise and catch some great deals!  Don’t know how?  Ask for help!  Us couponers LOVE to help others save money!


5.  Replace something that needs to be fixed:  This could be something you’ve been meaning to do around the house that adds value.   Get a new dishwasher!  Have the carpets steam cleaned!  Surprise your wife a maid for a week!  Don’t let your mind be limited.   If it adds value to your home, do it!  If it helps out the dying car, do it!


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6.  Start a business or a blog:  Starting this blog was the best thing I could probably have done to set up my future.  I’m praying it turns out blessed because if so…it was well worth the  yearly host fee!  WELL worth it!!  I’ve already started making money so now it just has to pick up and I will be set!  What’s stopping you?  Read my post here on how to start a blog of your own!  Email me if you need help. Starting a business could me more financial freedom in your future.  So take a chance and join something.


Hopefully I have inspired y’all!  I know that we all get excited about that money and all we want to do is make our dreams come true.  I find my money is already spent with all my ideas before I even get it!  But that’s the way life is man but if you take a few smart steps and little by little life will get better for all of us. We got this!!  So what will you do with your money?


4 thoughts on “6 Smart Things to do with your Tax Return Now

  • by Tatjana

    You are so right, #1, payoff some debt. If not the smallest balance the one with the highest interest rate! The smallest one is the most tempting, but you could be saving more with the savings in interest! But regardless, pay down some debt! ?

    • by Danielle This is post author

      Oh Yes that is a fabulous point! I should put that in as an edit! You’re so smart Tat! Im luckily and don’t have too much debt like some but any debt is not good lol!!

  • by Ashley @ GrowingSpangs

    For years, we’ve applied our tax return to bills. Not glamorous, but it’s been great to suddenly not have to worry about them when the next month comes. A couple of years ago after our daughter was born, we actually received several thousand, and dumped it all into most of our house down payment. It was great to not have the added stress of saving for years, and could just do it. This year, we will likely end up paying into our taxes, but it works, because of our “investing” in previous years. Things come and go, but peace of mind is priceless.

    • by Danielle This is post author

      OH I love that!! Yes it’s so wonderful to not worry! I am actually going to be putting it into savings and paying for a dog to go to the vet for her yearly. Sometimes it’t nice to have a small splurge though. Like last year, I took all my kids to see Beauty and the Beast then put it all into bills.

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