For the “Do It All” Moms…It’s Ok to Not Do It all


This is for the Moms that try to do it all.  I am that mom.  I am one of you and you are my tribe.  But God not only let me find out we can’t do it all….but we shouldn’t try lol!  Read on to find out what happened to me.

So my last post was on February 21st.  Then…The plague hit my home.  And when it hits my home….we do it in waves.   Because that’s how we roll.  First one kid gets it…then another…then another…so by the time we are done…it’s a month and a half later.

So we have the stomach bug.  First, it snuck around. Just bathroom issues and nausea.  And it would go away and come back to the same child a day or two later.   So they’ve missed a lot of school.  Then it STRUCK.  My 3 year old was down for the count!  Poor thing was running a 101 fever.  Got sick a few times. Oye.  Then a few days later my second born but she never actually got sick.  She just stayed nauseous.  Then… was me.  And man.  It knocked me on my butt. Got sick twice.  Stayed up almost a whole day with just stomach cramping and not feeling well.  The next day, didn’t want to move.  Then yesterday, I was feeling ok.

In feeling decent, I decided to start my Purge Project.  I am going through the whole house tossing, yard selling and donating anything that we don’t need.  There’s a saying that nothing weighs you down more than projects of the past.   Half started projects.  Projects that you say you will start but never really do.  That’s how old ladies die with homes full of crap that their loved ones have to fish through and sort and end up shaking their heads at.   SO that beautiful ceramic Turtle candle warmer I got from one of those candle places…I haven’t used it in the year plus that I bought it.  Selling.  Half broken toys…tossing.

As I sat on the couch, I had the kids bring me bins out of the toy room that is soooo full of toys and boxes that it’s pretty much eaten up where the boys are supposed to sleep.  We started to go through them.  And we proceeded to do this over 3 Hours.  Then I started feeling weak and decided half a room full of toys done was enough.  We got two big bins for selling and one bin of keeping and one bag of trash while other stuff was starting to get organized.  I was quite pleased.

But then yesterday eve, my shoulders and neck started getting stiff.  I took a hot bath for good measure and had some mint tea and was even knocked out by 10:30!  It was awesome!

Then it hit me.   This morning I woke up with this god-awful stiffness in my shoulders and neck.  I was locked in place and couldn’t really move.  So pretty much I let me feeling way better than before push me too far and me not accomplishing anything for over a week just cripple me today.  I can’t move hardly.  I’m whimpering like a old person who has fallen and can’t get up, cursing my previous days’ work.

Oh and it gets better.  Almost all of my kids are throwing up now.  Three out of five are down.  My eldest started this morning five times.  Then mid day my fourth.  Then my third just a little bit ago.  And each time because I can literally not move (even as I sit here and type if I pull my arm the wrong way reaching for a button it hurts) my second daughter is doing the mommy duties of emptying the cans and checking on the kids for me and coming back with updates.

So let this be a lesson kids.  Even if you feel like you maybe can do something and take on the world…Do it slowly.  We all must learn how to walk before we can sprint a 250 next to an Olympian Gold Medalist.  And I tried sprinting lol!!  So Thank you God for this valuable lesson you have given me.  I will make sure to not go running when I can barely walk.  I’m even going to apply this to everyday life when I’m not sick.   Maybe we as mother’s think we have to do everything and we wear ourselves down after a while.  We have so many plates spinning and so much going on that it’s like that movie Bad Moms.  There’s just a point where we say screw it…here are some gluten filled donuts and I ain’t doin that!  There is a thing as too much work ladies.  Too much Super Mom.  Think of it this way…if we push ourselves too hard and lose a whole day that we INDEED need to be Super Mom…What good are we?  So give yourself a cut off time each day and watch Hulu and your favorite movie.  Just know that IT IS OK to finish your list tomorrow.  We need to make time today to spend with our kids and family.  <3

2 thoughts on “For the “Do It All” Moms…It’s Ok to Not Do It all

  • by Viki

    Y’all are in our thoughts and prayers. I know how it is. We have 6 people in our house and it really does just cycle
    Till we’re all down for the count.

    • by Danielle This is post author

      It does girl. Seems like most everyone is on the mend today. Praying my shoulders ease up soon bc this is not fun! But that which does not kill us!

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