Expand the Taste buds of Your Children Through Fun!


Growing up, I wouldn’t say that my brother and I were exposed to a vast variety of foods.  It was during the late 80’s to 90’s, the era of the processed food I like to think.  When everyone was looking at how to get filling meals but with minimal effort.  We sometimes do that with the Crock Pot now but I like to think we try to make healthier fast meals now that we recognize the health benefits.

Now, being an adult, I tend to shy away from foods I don’t already like.  If we have Thanksgiving, I’m very rigid.  It has to be like what I ate growing up.  I see this in myself…it’s almost like a car accident.  I can’t look away but I know it’s happening.

A specialty in my house, besides my Pineapple Upside Down Cakes, is my Apple Pie.  I make the filling from scratch and I’m going to learn soon how to do my own crust from scratch!  Can’t wait.  But in getting the ingredients for the pie, my children asked if there was only apple pie?

If any other fruit could make a pie?   I found myself chuckling, remember the Pie Song from the John Travolta movie Micheal?.  I answered that you can just about make any fruit into a pie!  Their eyes as wide as silver dollars, started looking all around the fruit section in Food Lion.

So this leads me to today’s post!  In an effort to explore and have the kids start learning to like new flavors and tastes, I told them they could pick any fruit and we would make it into a pie!

My oldest got some Anjou Pears.  My second born decided Blueberries…which amused me because we have tried these before and she was the one asking the question. So I figured she would just get a different fruit but didn’t.  My third and fourth got strawberries.   My fifth decided he wanted candy.  *shakes head.

We washed the fruit, mixed it in a little bit of sugar and then placed them in ramekins.  I also allowed them to make their own turnover-ish type desserts.  They had such a ball!  They were enjoying eating the fruit and also making something.

They ate the ramekins first thing.  Didn’t even ask for ice cream or their usual dessert.  They asked if they could eat the pies for dessert.  #mommywin!!!  I also made Grandma’s Buttermilk Pies as my dessert (yum).  I would say all around they did a great job and they learned something valuable: to always try something new.  To expand the taste buds a bit.

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I think I will continue this throughout all aspects of cuisine.  They also say it can take up to 10 times of showing a young child a food before they decide if they like it.  So consistency is the key.  I want my children to have a wider taste for food than I could ever dream of.




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