Father’s Day Craft Ideas


What can be said about a good father.  Not enough! The world needs more of them just like it needs good mothers!  It all starts with good parenting.  So when it comes to celebrating them, why not?  I’m all for it!  Here are some great ideas to take advantage of this Father’s Day!  If you are running short on time (like I always am!), you can always tell them to go fishing with their best bud on Saturday so you have time to craft it up!


  1.  Hand Print Baseball

Found from The Kindergarten Connection

HOW cute are these?  I love the ones that use the Christmas ornament and glitter so I think this is a wonderful transition to something for the summer.


2.  Grilling Hand Print Plate

Found from Pinterest

I adore this plate!  Such a good idea for the grillin’ man in your life!


3.  DIY Mod Podge Beer Coasters

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found from Hip 2 Save

These are really cute and seemingly easy to make!  You could do all his favorite brand or something like this with multiple brands.  The peach is my favorite.


4.  DIY Bleach T-Shirt

Found from This Grandma is Fun

Not only easy but also fun to do!  The possibilities are endless with a project like this.


5.  Superman Pillow

Found from Thermoweb

These are another favorite of mine.  They were too cute to not be on this list!


6.  Sawdust Mug

Found from Amazon

This mug made me LOL.  It wasn’t even funny how long I laughed at this!  SO CUTE!!


7.  Sharpie Mug

Found from  I Heart Arts n Crafts

The mugs that would come of the art table with this cute craft!  I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


8.  Personalized Key Chain

Found from Formia Design

There are so many cute pictures I wish I could make into key chains!  This is such a cool site!  They do way more than just the chains.  Check them out!


9.  Fishing Sculpture/ Silverware Art

Found from Etsy

Bonus points if you can pull this one off!  How cute is this!!  Some awesome skills to have.  Imagine the yard pieces this family has.


10. “We make cute babies” Card


Found from Pinterest

Such a cute card!


11.  “Best Dad I Ever Saw” Card


Found from Baby Center  

Simple. Sweet.  Easy.


12.  Monkey Card

Found from Crafty Morning

I love a good monkey craft!


13.  Daddy’s Shoes Painting/Card

Found from Crafty Morning

I did something like this with hands before.  Such a cute project.


Whether these are for the dads, stepdads or any man in your life, I hope y’all have a blessed one!!





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