Enticing Fourth of July Desserts!


We are here!!  The official kick off of summer!!  Smoking grill, succulent steaks, buttered corn, all sorts of colorful desserts, the list goes on!   I’ll be doing a 3 part Mini Series to help you get some great ideas for your Cookout (click Here if you missed the first part)!  Today’s will be the Desserts of your BBQ and we could put a hummingbird into a coma with this list!  So pick up your forks and let’s get started!


  1.  Star Studded Blueberry Pie

Found from Taste of Home

Isn’t this pie stunning?  So simple and easy, yet an impact!


2.  Star Spangled Pie

Found from Jenn’s Farm Table 

My daughter said, “But where’s the red?” in the previous pie haha.  SO this one made the list too.  It’s so beautiful!


3.  Fruit Kabobs

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found from The Baby Bump Diaries 

A cute and simple way to get your kids to eat some fruit!  Healthy and refreshing.


4.  Mini Shortcake Cups

Found from Amanda’s Cookin

Another simple but yummy choice!  An instant child pleasing dessert.


5.  Fruit and Pretzel Platter  

Found from Pinterest 

I never thought to use white pretzels like this!  So creative and again….easy.


6.  Berry Dessert Pizza

Found from The Crafted Sparrow 

I’ve made this pie before.  It’s SUPER delicious.  The only thing, I will say, is that the icing eventually makes it soggy…SO I would make this last, right before the event or maybe even kinda during the eating part.  I just threw all the fruit on vs making it so pretty like this lady did haha!  So it’s not a super long process.


7.  Red, White, and Blue Dipped Pretzels

Found from The 36th Avenue

How adorable are these?  The kids can even help!


8.  Ice Cream Sandwiches with Sprinkles

Found from House of Hawthornes

This budget friendly option is another that the kids can help with and look forward to!


9.  Fireworks Red, White, and Blue Daiquiris


Found from Food Network

A great cookout isn’t complete without some Adult Desserts too!  So of course these had to make the list!  I’m a Daiquiri girl myself!  😉


10.  Blue Lemonade Cocktails


Found from Celebrations

Mmmm lemonade!!  These have a Hawaiian Schnapps but really anything you like could probably be paired.


11.  Red, White, and Blue Sangria


Found from Noble Pig

How beautiful do these look?  Just stunning and imagine all of the grilled food and desserts you’ll have them served around?  Just a beautiful table all around!


Well there you have it folks!  Part two of our series!!  I think you will be able to find some absolutely delicious and mouth-watering recipes!!  Stay tuned for Part Three of this series which will be Games and Crafts to help solidify the theme of your party!  If you missed the first part of this series, Click HERE.  The first part will help with Ideas of main meals and a few sides.


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