10 Activities & Decorations for Fourth of July


We are here!!  The official kick off of summer!!  Smoking grill, succulent steaks, buttered corn, all sorts of colorful desserts, the list goes on!   I’ll be doing a 3 part Mini Series to help you get some great ideas for your Cookout (click Here if you missed the Main Dishes post and Here if you missed Desserts post)!  Today’s will be the Decorations and Games of your BBQ.  What’s a get together with friends without a wee bit of fun right?


  1.  Scavenger Hunt

Found from Peachy Hill

This will be a good thing for the kids to do after eating a yummy meal!  You could have them running around doing this while you are prepping dessert.


2.  Patriotic Lollipop Centerpiece

Found from Glue Sticks Blog 

This is so simple and so cute!!  I Love this! It could also double as dessert later 😉


3.  Lace and Ribbon Flag

Wow! New Designed Dresses up to 90% off!!!

Found from Craftiments

I LOVE this!!  How pretty!!  Simple and probably something that the kids can get in on.


4.  Bandana Tablecloth

Found from Buzzfeed

Super simple and easy to do.  You can find the bandanas at Walmart for $1.


5.  Painted Flag Shirt


Found from Deceptively Educational

These look like such a cute craft to do with the kids.  They had to be added to the list!


6.   Fun Grab Bags

Found from Eighteen 25

Everyone enjoys a fabulous grab bag!  These are so cute and don’t break the budget.


7.  Bingo Cards


Found from Makoodle

I feel like Bingo is a HUGE crowd pleaser.  You can come up with some cute prizes or something like a pie in the face,  The possibilities are endless.   


8.  Firework Salt Painting



Found from Busy Mommy Media

I can’t wait to do this one with my kids this weekend!


9.  Sparkler Photos


Found from Think Make Share

I LOVE doing this with my camera!!  It’s the best.  You can have them do whatever you want and usually the photos come out just stunning!


10.   Chalk Art

Found from Heart of Deborah

This is a cute idea that even adults could get in on.  Find the artist of the family and get crackin’!


And that’s all folks!!  I hope you enjoyed this series!  It’s my first so it’s nice to get something under my belt.  Let me know what y’all think and comment below.  Feel free to email your photos and I hope all of you have a good and SAFE Fourth of July!!   




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