20 Crafts to do with the Shells from Your Beach Trip


‘Tis the season!  Hot, sandy, salty beach trips are upon us!  What on earth will you ever do with all those shells you collect?  I got inspired to write this post as we are going to the beach in less than a month!  I can’t wait!!  It’s so overdue.  But like most other people, I am an avid shell collector.  SO that got me to thinking (especially with my new room theme being “Beach”) that I wanted to put these shells to good use versus the typical, oh let’s just leave them in a bag in the garage or back of the closet forever.  So with that in mind, here is a list of things that I plan on doing with the kids and for my room!  Comment with a photo below once you’ve done some of these!  I’m sure I will get a blog post going once some of these are done to show y’all what cute things my family creates!  Make sure to scroll allllll the way through!  There are so many gorgeous things on this list you don’t want to miss!


  1.  Shell Frame

Found from Pinterest 

There is something about this frame that I just adore!  I need to find some bigger pieces and net for it.


2.  Another Shell Frame

Found from Diyselfy

I love the coloring on this frame!


3.  Mermaid Canvas

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Found from Etsy

This is for the mermaid lovers in your life!


4.  Artistic Shell Frame

Found from Pinterest

This stand alone piece is just gorgeous and I hope to make something like this.


5.  Shell Shadow Box

Found from Pinterest

This box is stunning!!!


6.  Seahorse

Found from Pinterest

Love seahorses.  This one is so beautiful!  


7.  Heart Shell Canvas

Found from Pinterest 

Anyone who loves sparkles will love this!!  I can’t wait to make this one!


8.  Shell Anchor Canvas

Found from Pinterest

This one is super cute! Just gotta get the shells to fit and some beautiful wood.


9.  Butterfly Shell Picture

Found from Charleston Crafted 

My kids and I love collecting these…the insides are just gorgeous!  Like little butterflies or flutterbies as we call them haha!


10.  Shell Art

Found from Diyselfy

There is something so beautiful about this!


11.  Sand Clay Hand prints

Found from The Imagination Tree

I did this when my son was under a year and love how small his little hand was.  I totally will be doing these when we go to the beach and putting them on my wall!  I love how they can put their own style on it.


12.   Over the Bed Shell Netting Decoration

Found from Pinterest

I totally want this for my room….so beautiful!!


13.   Seashell Candle Holder

Found from Running with Sisters

This is so pretty.  I love that they dusted it with sparkles afterwards.  I can’t wait to do this one.


14.   Wine Bottle Craft


Found from Pinterest

I’m going to make this for my boyfriend’s mom.  She loves wine crafts and the beach <3


15.  Shell chime

Found from Pinterest

This piece was so magical to me.  I can’t wait to do a few <3


16.  Sea Glass Chime

Found from Hometalk

This is a simple one too!  There is a spray that allows you to make your own sea glass which is awesome because I can never find enough!


17.  Shell Dream Catcher

Found from Pinterest

I have a few of these saved and am going to vary em a little bit.  But I love the idea of hanging a few shells off of it!


18.   Wine Glass Candle Holder

Found from Check It Out Dawn

Super cute!  Really great instructions!


19.  Christmas Tree

Found from Beach Comber

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some Christmas…and also the beach…so when I saw this I freaked.  I’m so doing this!!


20.  Sand Bowl

Found from Think Crafts

Sand bowls….I can’t wait to try this interesting craft out!!


This whole list I cannot wait to try and do and decorate my room with!  Comment below with some crafts you have done!   






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