9 Water Projects You Should Do With Your Kids Now!


Playing with water…it’s almost a rite of passage in childhood.  Growing up we didn’t have a pool.  We used a sprinkler.  Honestly, some days I feel like my kids appreciate a sprinkler more than a pool.  But there is something about going to the pool that is almost therapeutic.  If you aren’t blessed to have a pool or one close to you, or even if you do, here is a fun list of things you can do with water with the kids now!!


  1.  Pass the Water Game

Found from A Girl with a Glue Gun 

This game looks like a winner!!  The kids would love this!  I’m going to try this next time we have a hot day….which will be tomorrow haha!


2.  Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Found from Macaroni Kid

This is so cool!!  I think this would be an amazing thing for the younger kids to do.  They always want to explore and also destroy at the same time lol. This may teach them a little more patience.


3.  Recycled Water Wall

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Found from Things to Share and Remember

Any child would be enthralled in this!  So many different options to choose from in the flow of the water and just creating it would be fun as well!  They could find new and exciting things to flow water through.


4.  Water Blob

Found from Homemade Toast 

These look cool!!  This lady has come up with a way to not use a whole roll of duct tape making one of these things.  She does also note to not leave it on the ground for more than two days otherwise it gets stinky.


5.  DIY Slip N Slide

Found from Diary of a Preppy Mom

OMGee!!!   I think even my older kids would love this!!


6.  Squirt Gun Refill Station

Found from First Home Love Life

Tell me what list is complete without water guns?!?  This was an obvious win for many reasons 😉


7.  Sponge Toss

Found from The Resourceful Mama

Sponges.  Wet Sponges.  That is all.


8.  Glow Stick Bowling

Found from Mommy Mums

THIS has got to be one of the coolest ideas EVER….Props!!


9.  Water Balloon Baseball


Found from Overstuffed Life 

Everyone loves water balloons!  I’ve been finding however the last two years, when you throw them they just bounce off of the person haha!  There’s only a splash when it hits the ground!  This way, I think, is a bit better 😉


We only have a week or two left depending on where you are in the USA.  If you have already started school, don’t worry!  You can have a water filled Saturday!  Surprise the kids for working so hard and starting school off on the right foot!  We are at the beach during our last week of summer.  SO we will be working on all of these crafts this week with the amazing shells we are collecting!  Happy End of Summer and Happy Start of School y’all!!  🙂




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