2nd Edition of Easy and Adorable Handmade Valentines


Welcome to the Second Edition of Adorable and Easy Handmade Valentines!  Singles Awareness day is upon us again!!  I’ve put together a second list of absolutely eye catching Valentines that you can do at home this weekend with your loved ones!  If you missed last years’ edition, HERE it is.  Just in case this list isn’t adorable enough 😉   So in spirit of the day I put together an ADORABLE list of Valentines that are sure to make your kid the classes favorite this year!

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 1.  Ladybug

Found from Pinterest

There is something to be said about simplicity.  This one is soooo adorable and yet super easy.


2.  Snail 

Found from Crafty Morning

This one is so super cute and even doable for young children!


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3.  Elephant 

Found from Pinterest

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore elephants…so this one was just tooooo adorable and close to my heart to pass up!!


4.  Flamingo 

Found from Pinterest 

This one is super simple.  If you click on the pinterest image it takes you to a foreign site which you have to keep scrolling through to find it….However, I chose this one for the uniqueness and do-ability.  So don’t let that stop you!


5.  Robot 

Found from Crafty Morning 

This robot is super cute and creative!  You can even swap out the pudding cup for an applesauce cup if you want to be a bit healthier.  But this gives you so many options to choose from and make your own!


6.  Candle 

Found from Pinterest 

This one is obviously pretty straight forward.  But also really cute.  Get the kids in on it!


7.  Hedgehog

Found from Laura Trevey

I would have never thought to do a Hedgehog for Valentine’s Day but I think the kids would love this!


8.  All you need is Love

Found from Split Coast Stampers

This is probably one of my favorites.  Print the wording, draw the hearts, you can let the kids speckle the paper with the bristles by letting them pull them back and flick them onto the paper, then add a few jewels and done!  Beautiful!


9.  A Lifetime is not long enough to Love you

Found from Split Coast Stampers

Now this one you can pretty much pin whatever you can find into the shape of a heart.  But I love this quote which is why this particular one made it to the list!


10.  Thumb-body Loves you!

Found from Pinterest

Another super easy and yet super adorable Valentine!  Little fingers can do this and feel like a big help!


11.  You’re out of this World 

Found from Pinterest

Please note that it should be “You’re” and not “your” as it is You are.  But these were SOOOOOO cute and I don’t know about you but my kids go crazy over bouncy balls.  Less sugar too!  Get a whole bunch off Amazon HERE for the biggest bang for your buck!


12.  I dig you!

Found from Pinterest

These were so smart to me.  And it gives them a toy to play with as well which won’t break bank.  Try the dollar store for these or maybe even an online site that sells them by the batch like Amazon HERE 


13.  We are a Perfect Match

Found from The 36th Avenue

This is such a cute idea!  Perfect for the Camper or Man in your life!


14.  Sparkly Valen-slimes

Found from Mama Papa Bubba

If your kids are anything like mine, they are SLIME OBSESSED.  This was so perfect!  I think I might have to have my daughter make it for her friends….or at least herself lol.


15.  Lollipop Flower 

Found from The keeper of the cheerios

These would be for a special teacher or woman in your children’s lives.


16.  You’re the bomb!

Found from Frugal fun 4 boys

These are so super cute and easy for a boy to make!  I find boys sometimes get bored quicker than girls do.  But what boy doesn’t love bombs?


17.  Mouse Kisses

Found from Practically Functional

These little guys are just adorable!!!  You can use them for multiple holidays if you really think about it.  Easter, Christmas.

All of these are sure to wow!  I hope you guys have fun making them.  Don’t forget to send me photos of what you did!  Let these inspire you and you can come up with your own as well.  Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day everyone!  <3



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