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10 Activities & Decorations for Fourth of July

We are here!!  The official kick off of summer!!  Smoking grill, succulent steaks, buttered corn, all sorts of colorful desserts, the list goes on!   I’ll be doing a 3 part Mini Series to help you get some great ideas for your Cookout (click Here if you missed the Main Dishes post and Here if [Continue]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dessert ideas!

Y’all know I love a good compilation Cake post!!  So of course here is Valentine’s Day!  There is something so beautiful about a perfectly iced cake!  These definitely will provide inspiration for you. However, with this post I’ve also included a few ideas for the special dinner as well!  I hope you enjoy them!   [Continue]

Valentine’s Day Cake with Buttercream Frosting Recipe

So I had this GLORIOUS cake all planned out that was going to be for my daughters’ Birthday but also a cute valentines theme so I could show yall the recipe.  Which anyone who knows me know I can’t ice a cake worth a darn!  So that’s why I cheat and go to cupcakes hahaha!! [Continue]

Filling up our children’s cups for Valentine’s Day

I ran across the cutest Valentine’s Day project on Facebook the other day.  Read about it here. Essentially, You cut out little hearts and write one thing on each one about your child and tape them to their bedroom door so they wake up to little compliments and have a great start to the day! [Continue]

19 Adorable and Easy Handmade Valentines

It’s that time again!!  Where we all pray we get something from our loved ones or we get Chinese and binge watch Netflix while closing all the blinds and waiting for the day to pass!  Valentine’s Day!  Singles Awareness Day as I love to call it.  SO in spirit of the day I put together [Continue]

23 Beautiful Cakes that your guests will love at your Holiday Parties!

As hostesses, we all dream about the perfect party.  Whether it be large or small, we want it to flow and the atmosphere to be perfect!  It all falls down to the cake most of the time.  Here is a list of some of the prettiest Holiday Cakes on Pinterest this year!!  They are so [Continue]

28 Top Hand Made Christmas Cards (you could even do with the kids!)

  I’ve been looking forward to this post for a few months now!  One of my favorite activities with the kids is Holiday Crafts.  There is something nostalgic about it and I love Christmas cards!!  So why not combine the two! Now that my “Elf” moment is over!  I can’t tell you how many times [Continue]

6 Halloween Bucket Crafts

  One of my favorite Halloween memories as a kid was getting the pumpkin out of the storage closet and smelling it. Oh my Gosh. If we could bottle that smell!! Now as an adult, I still do it a few times a year but mainly I complain about how the pumpkins are everywhere because, [Continue]

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