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2018 Goals!

Every year, I make a mental list of goals I want to get accomplished….forget half of them and then get the other half kinda done.  This year,I wanted to get my life under control.  To start on the path of what I have only been dreaming about for 13 years—This was the Promise I made [Continue]

For Those Who Have Lost…Mother’s Day is Still Your Day

You wake up and stare at the ceiling.  Today is Mother’s Day. There is an ache in your chest that’s so strong you think you just might crumble where you lay.  It feels like someone is sitting on you.  Your eyes tear up while thoughts race through your mind.  You hear your children giggling downstairs. [Continue]

How to Start Your Own Blog!

I’ve had several women approach me about the what, why, and how of starting a blog.  Why I decided to.  What it could do for me. And most importantly, HOW it could do it and how they could too! *This post may have affiliate links which means I get paid a fee for referring you [Continue]

The Truth About Being Positive

  Positive Polly.  That’s what the call me. I’m known for always looking at the bright side of life.  And I’ve had my fair shares of “Well this sucks”.  Honestly, I don’t truthfully view myself as someone who is positive all the time.  Those who are closest to me KNOW I have my stuff to [Continue]

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