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6 Smart Things to do with your Tax Return Now

Tomorrow is February 15th.  That means that anyone who had the Earned Income Tax Credit will be able to see when they get their Tax Return!  Myself included.   We all sit here praying we will get ours soon.  Just like Christmas, we eagerly await the morning, pondering all of the things we can accomplish [Continue]

How to Start Your Own Blog!

I’ve had several women approach me about the what, why, and how of starting a blog.  Why I decided to.  What it could do for me. And most importantly, HOW it could do it and how they could too! *This post may have affiliate links which means I get paid a fee for referring you [Continue]

Top 5 Get “it” for Free Parties to help stretch the Holiday Budget

Now if you’re on Facebook, I know you may be bombarded with party invites because I am. Here’s the thing.  If we all supported even just one to two businesses consistently ( a few Parties a year or a few orders a year)  think about how we could boost the small businesses and how the [Continue]

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