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Father’s Day Craft Ideas

What can be said about a good father.  Not enough! The world needs more of them just like it needs good mothers!  It all starts with good parenting.  So when it comes to celebrating them, why not?  I’m all for it!  Here are some great ideas to take advantage of this Father’s Day!  If you [Continue]

For Those Who Have Lost…Mother’s Day is Still Your Day

You wake up and stare at the ceiling.  Today is Mother’s Day. There is an ache in your chest that’s so strong you think you just might crumble where you lay.  It feels like someone is sitting on you.  Your eyes tear up while thoughts race through your mind.  You hear your children giggling downstairs. [Continue]

Expand the Taste buds of Your Children Through Fun!

Growing up, I wouldn’t say that my brother and I were exposed to a vast variety of foods.  It was during the late 80’s to 90’s, the era of the processed food I like to think.  When everyone was looking at how to get filling meals but with minimal effort.  We sometimes do that with [Continue]

Valentine’s Day Cake with Buttercream Frosting Recipe

So I had this GLORIOUS cake all planned out that was going to be for my daughters’ Birthday but also a cute valentines theme so I could show yall the recipe.  Which anyone who knows me know I can’t ice a cake worth a darn!  So that’s why I cheat and go to cupcakes hahaha!! [Continue]

Filling up our children’s cups for Valentine’s Day

I ran across the cutest Valentine’s Day project on Facebook the other day.  Read about it here. Essentially, You cut out little hearts and write one thing on each one about your child and tape them to their bedroom door so they wake up to little compliments and have a great start to the day! [Continue]

19 Adorable and Easy Handmade Valentines

It’s that time again!!  Where we all pray we get something from our loved ones or we get Chinese and binge watch Netflix while closing all the blinds and waiting for the day to pass!  Valentine’s Day!  Singles Awareness Day as I love to call it.  SO in spirit of the day I put together [Continue]

How to Start Your Own Blog!

I’ve had several women approach me about the what, why, and how of starting a blog.  Why I decided to.  What it could do for me. And most importantly, HOW it could do it and how they could too! *This post may have affiliate links which means I get paid a fee for referring you [Continue]

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